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 SpikeBall Competition Rules

  • Adapted 4 v 4 Volleyball game
  • Emphasis on Fun and Participation
  • Easy to teach
  • Skills developed through game play
  • Equipment basic and inexpensive
  • Aimed at Primary Schools’ 5th and 6th classes, and Post-Primary Schools’ 1st and 2nd year students
  • Local blitz competitions
  • Resource pack available with Teacher’s DVD and Handbook

SPIKEBALL is an initiative developed by the Volleyball Association of Ireland to aid School Teachers in introducing Junior Volleyball to their students. Volleyball has traditionally been viewed as a difficult sport to introduce to young children, but it doesn't have to be. SPIKEBALL is an adapted 4-player v 4-player volleyball game that was introduced to Ireland in the last 3 years and has seen participation levels increase by over 300%.

With the simple modifications that SPIKEBALL Volleyball offers, teachers can easily provide their children with a fun and rewarding Volleyball experience. It is aimed specifically at children of Primary School age and those at 1st/2nd Year in Post-Primary School. The objective of these adaptations is to encourage learning, promote physical activity, and increase the fun for the participants.

The Workshops aim to give teachers, leaders and volunteers the techniques, teaching methods and confidence to introduce this game to their pupils irrespective of any previous experience in the sport. It has proven to be an outstanding success in bringing fun and enjoyment to the children who have been introduced to it.

There is a 15-minute video during the Workshop, which takes teachers, leaders and volunteers through the rules and offers coaching tips and techniques in a clear and simple way. The new SPIKEBALL Coaching Handbook is available which contains all the skills undertaken in the seminar along with planned coaching sessions and drills to introduce the game as well as information regarding the training of pupils in the refereeing and administration of the game, taking the workload away from the teacher, leader and volunteer.
It is envisaged that schools and organisations will arrange Blitzes on a local basis once the game is up and running.

SPIKEBALL School Development Programme          

  • Puts FUN as a top priority
  • Ensures all can take an active part
  • Equipment is simple and inexpensive
  • Develops skills in a game-like way
  • Can be used with any age group
  • Develops supporting personnel


  • Based on Canada's most popular "Primary School" game
  • Specifically adapted for Ireland
  • Targeting classes in Primary Schools and 1st and 2nd year in Post Primary Schools


  • Aims to promote and develop "whole" game
  • Pack includes education for referees, administrators and PR
  • Aims to increase participation at all levels of ability
  • Aims to provide education, especially for teachers and leaders
  • Aims to provide first step on volleyball pathway for long-term involvement in the game


    • All play, equal time, lots of rallies
    • Lots of hits
    • Lots of FUN
    • Blitz format with minimum guaranteed playing time
    • Competition is local - schools are clustered
  • Equipment is simple Volleyballs are light and available


  • Game play 95% of time
  • Skills learned within a game structure
  • Easy teaching progressions
  • 100% more touches than the 6 v 6 game

Feedback & Progress

    • Has caused participation explosion
    • Blitzes take place nationwide
    • Capturing teachers
    • Capturing new children to volleyball
    • Capturing children to sport

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