Longford Rugby Club launch LRFConnects   05/04/2020

LRFConnects is a two pronged initiative by Longford Rugby Football Club (LRFC) to make sure that no club members are isolated or lonely during the Covid 19 crisis and is also an effort to keep our members engaged socially as a club, as we look forward to end of the crisis and getting back to playing rugby next season.

Firstly, we ask all our members, friends and supporters to commit to calling at least two other members per week and chat about rugby, Longford Rugby Club and anything else that comes to mind.  For younger members it could be calling another player in the squad and chatting about rugby and the skills they can practise at home.  However, it does not have to be all about rugby but let’s bring it up as part of the conversation to build anticipation and planning for next season.  If you know of an older member in your community who lives alone, please consider giving them a call.  Isolating at home can be very lonely and a call from you could make all the difference.

Secondly, if there is any of our members or friends of the club who are cocooning and self-isolating and need help such as picking up groceries in the shop or a prescription in the pharmacy or just someone to chat to, please text or ring our dedicated number 0851269618 or email lrfconnects@gmail.com

Getting through this crisis will take a community effort.  Being a welcoming community club is what Longford Rugby Club has always prided itself on.  2019-20 saw record members at all levels from Youth to Senior Level with huge participation and buy in from players, coaches, referees, officers, administrators and parents, lets keep that spirit going and make LRFConnects a huge success and do our part to flatten the curve and bring this crisis to end.  If a request for help comes in from a member/friend, we will then try and pair them with someone who is close by.  The success of this depends on our members putting up their hands and volunteering to help.

Let us know how you are supporting LRFConnects by emailing us or using the hashtag #LRFConnects.

Finally, the current crisis shows us that sport is indeed an important part of everyday life and an important release valve from life’s stresses.  It is easy to take things like Longford RFC for granted and assume it will always be there.  However, getting things going again will take a special effort from all our members and friends, so when we kick off again make sure to support your teams, pay your membership, support fundraising drives and the local businesses that sponsor the club. 

Together we will get through this, the smell of freshly cut pitches ushering in the new season are already on the horizon.

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