League Table Primary Boys GP 2

1Whitechurch NS540112
2Dalkey School Project431010
3Kill O The Grange A52127
4St Andrews College B51134
5St Kilians NS B41033
6Taney NS B50323

Primary Boys GP 2
14:00Dalkey School Project 4vs0St Andrews College BMore
14:00Dalkey School Project vsSt Kilians NS BMore
14:00Dalkey School Project 3vs2Whitechurch NS More
14:00Kill O The Grange A0vs1Dalkey School Project More
14:00Kill O The Grange A3vs0St Andrews College BMore
14:00Kill O The Grange A0vs3Whitechurch NS More
14:00St Andrews College B4vs0St Kilians NS BMore
14:00St Andrews College B1vs1Taney NS BMore
14:00St Andrews College B0vs5Whitechurch NS More
14:00St Kilians NS B0vs5Kill O The Grange AMore
14:00St Kilians NS B2vs1Taney NS BMore
14:00Taney NS B3vs3Dalkey School Project More
14:00Taney NS B1vs1Kill O The Grange AMore
14:00Whitechurch NS 3vs0St Kilians NS BMore
14:00Whitechurch NS 5vs1Taney NS BMore