League Table Girls X8 Blue 2 League

1Pembroke Wanderers 3751116
2Railway Union 2750215
3Corinthians 2742114
4Bray 2741213
5Three Rock Rovers 263039
6Tullamore 163039
7Skerries 171063
8Naas 270070

All match cards should be sent by email to youthadmin@leinsterhockey.ie

Girls X8 Blue 2 League
13:00Pembroke Wanderers 30vs1Railway Union 2More
18:00Naas 20vs5Corinthians 2More
18:00Skerries 10vs4Tullamore 1More
18:00Three Rock Rovers 25vs1Bray 2More
11:30Pembroke Wanderers 32vs0Three Rock Rovers 2More
18:00Bray 26vs3Tullamore 1More
18:00Corinthians 24vs2Skerries 1More
18:00Railway Union 24vs1Naas 2More
18:00Skerries 13vs5Bray 2More
18:00Three Rock Rovers 20vs5Railway Union 2More
18:00Tullamore 11vs3Corinthians 2More
18:00Naas 20vs6Pembroke Wanderers 3More
11:30Pembroke Wanderers 37vs2Tullamore 1More
12:15Three Rock Rovers 22vs0Naas 2More
18:00Bray 23vs3Corinthians 2More
18:00Railway Union 24vs1Skerries 1More
18:00Corinthians 23vs0Three Rock Rovers 2More
18:00Naas 20vs5Bray 2More
18:00Skerries 10vs4Pembroke Wanderers 3More
18:00Tullamore 12vs0Railway Union 2More
12:15Three Rock Rovers 25vs2Skerries 1More
13:00Pembroke Wanderers 31vs1Corinthians 2More
18:00Naas 21vs2Tullamore 1More
18:00Railway Union 23vs4Bray 2More
18:00Bray 20vs4Pembroke Wanderers 3More
18:00Corinthians 20vs2Railway Union 2More
18:00Skerries 13vs1Naas 2More
18:00Tullamore 1vsThree Rock Rovers 2More