League Table Girls Inter White 2 League

1Pembroke Wanderers 6532011
2Pembroke Wanderers 5531110
3Muckross 452218
4Railway Union 352036
5Loreto 552036
6Monkstown 550141

All match cards should be sent by email to youthadmin@leinsterhockey.ie

Girls Inter White 2 League
14:00Pembroke Wanderers 65vs0Loreto 5More
16:00Pembroke Wanderers 51vs0Railway Union 3More
18:00Monkstown 51vs1Muckross 4More
18:00Loreto 50vs6Pembroke Wanderers 5More
18:00Muckross 40vs0Pembroke Wanderers 6More
18:00Railway Union 33vs1Monkstown 5More
09:00Pembroke Wanderers 51vs1Pembroke Wanderers 6More
18:00Monkstown 51vs2Loreto 5More
18:00Railway Union 31vs0Muckross 4More
14:00Pembroke Wanderers 52vs0Monkstown 5More
15:00Loreto 50vs2Muckross 4More
16:00Pembroke Wanderers 63vs1Railway Union 3More
18:00Monkstown 51vs4Pembroke Wanderers 6More
18:00Muckross 43vs0Pembroke Wanderers 5More
18:00Railway Union 30vs3Loreto 5More