League Table All Ire Boys Qualifier

1Kilkenny College22008086
2St Andrews College11003033
3St Columbas College210114-33
4Sandford Park00000000
5Mount Temple00000000
6The Kings Hospital100103-30
7Sutton Park200205-50

All Ireland Qualifiers 2018

Two pools, top side from each pool to progress

Pool A - Venue: St Andrews College

St Andrews College, Sandford Park, Mount Temple, The Kings Hospital. See schedule below for semi finals

3:30pm -3rd/4th Playoff

4:30pm - Final

Pool B - Venue Killkeny College

Kilkenny College; St Columbas College; Sutton Park

See schedule below

Games will consist of two 20 minute halves with 3 points for a win & 1 point for a draw.

In round robin format 3pts for a win and 1pt for a draw. Any game finishing in a draw goes to a penalty shoot-out to decide a winner.

In the case of the tournament ending tied, a winner will be decided on the first four criteria as laid out below. In the case of a tie: 1 head to head score. 2 goal difference. 3 goals for. 4 goals against. 5 penalty strokes.

In the four team format it is straight knock out with tied games going to a penalty shoot-out in the case of a draw.

All Ire Boys Qualifier
13:30Kilkenny College 4vs0St Columbas College More
13:30The Kings Hospital 0vs3St Andrews College More
14:30Mount Temple vsSandford Park More
14:30St Columbas College 1vs0Sutton Park More
15:30Kilkenny College 4vs0Sutton Park More