Junior Jacqui Potter Cup - Fixtures & Results

Round 3 games are to be played on 18th January 2015. Fixtures to be confirmed at 08th Jan : Winner Muckros v Monkstown will play Clontarf and Sutton will play the winnere of the Corinthian v Three Rock Fixture. The home team is responsible for returning the result via text message.

Junior Jacqui Potter Cup
09:00Hermes 0vs8Corinthians More
09:00SBPP Swords 0vs7Avoca More
09:00Three Rock Rovers vsWicklow HC More
09:00Bray 2vs6Suttonians More
09:00Loreto 0vs1Avoca More
09:00North Kildare 0vs4Genesis 1More
09:00Old Alexandra 3vs1Pembroke Wanderers More
09:00Our Ladys 0vs2Clontarf More
09:00Railway Union 1vs0Mount Anville HC More
09:00Muckross 5vs0Monkstown More
10:00Three Rock Rovers 0vs5Corinthians More
09:00Genesis 11vs3Old Alexandra More
09:00Railway Union 3vs0Avoca More
10:00Muckross 5vs0Clontarf More
10:00Suttonians 2vs4Corinthians More
09:00Railway Union 2vs1Old Alexandra More
12:15Corinthians 2vs1Muckross More
10:00Railway Union 1vs0Corinthians More