Jacqui Potter Cup - Fixtures & Results

Round 1 - 10th Nov, Round 2 - 08th Dec, Round 3 - 26th Jan; Round 4 - 23rd Feb; Final 17th Mar * Loreto 1 have a bye to round three

Jacqui Potter Cup
15:15Corinthians 12vs1North Kildare 1Draw for 2nd round after 10th NovMore
16:00Muckross 10vs4Railway Union 12nd Round on 08th DecMore
20:15UCD Ladies 23vs2Pembroke Wanderers 2More
13:30Old Alexandra 1vs0Glenanne More
14:30Trinity Ladies 5vs1Railway Union 2More
15:00Railway Union 6vs0Loreto 2More
15:30Old Alexandra 20vs4Hermes More
15:45Pembroke Wanderers 5vs2Corinthians More
16:00Trinity Ladies 20vs3Three Rock Rovers More
14:30Three Rock Rovers 0vs6Pembroke Wanderers More
14:45Old Alexandra 0vs2Trinity Ladies More
15:30Hermes 2vs3Railway Union More
16:45Loreto 3vs2UCD Ladies 2More
15:00Trinity Ladies 6vs4Pembroke Wanderers More
16:30Loreto 0vs3Railway Union More
14:00Railway Union 2vs1Trinity Ladies More