Jun Jacqui Potter Cup - Fixtures & Results

First round to be played on Sunday 18th November. The following teams have received byes to Round 2 - Avoca HC, Kilkenny HC, Loreto HC, Muckross HC

All matches will be played 30 mins a half. Should the match finish in a draw, there will be no extra time and the game will be decided on 1 v 1s

Shoot-Out Regulations Click Here

All teams that lose in Round 1 or 2 will be added to the plate automatically. The draw for Round 2 will take place after all first round matches have been played.

Jun Jacqui Potter Cup
10:00Skerries 10vs4Railway Union 1More
01:30Newbridge 10vs4Bray 1More
14:00Suttonians 11vs0Wicklow 1More
18:00Corinthians 10vs9YMCA 1More
18:00Genesis 10vs0Three Rock Rovers 1TRR win 3-1 on 1 v 1sMore
18:00Glenanne 12vs3Boyne HC 1More
18:00Malahide Fingal 13vs1Clontarf 1More
18:00Naas 15vs4Monkstown 1More
18:00Portrane 1vsRathgar 1Conceded by Rathgar 1More
18:00Tullamore 10vs6Dublin North 1More
18:00Weston 11vs2Pembroke Wanderers 1More
14:30Old Alexandra 10vs1Enniscorthy 1More
13:00Enniscorthy 12vs0Suttonians 1More
17:30Three Rock Rovers 13vs2Railway Union 1More
18:00Avoca 19vs0Boyne HC 1More
18:00Bray 13vs0Portrane 1More
18:00Dublin North 10vs9Pembroke Wanderers 1More
18:00Kilkenny 14vs2Naas 1More
18:00Loreto 15vs1YMCA 1More
18:00Malahide Fingal 10vs7Muckross 1More
11:30Pembroke Wanderers 13vs1Kilkenny 1Quarter FinalMore
14:00Muckross 13vs1Avoca 1Quarter Final: FT 1-1More
14:00Three Rock Rovers 10vs2Bray 1Quarter FinalMore
14:45Loreto 11vs0Enniscorthy 1Quarter FinalMore
08:45Loreto 10vs2Pembroke Wanderers 1More
14:00Muckross 15vs0Bray 1More
12:00Muckross 12vs3Pembroke Wanderers 1Final (Front Pitch)More