LL Div 7-8 Cup - Fixtures & Results

Note date/time of final will be confirmed in March 2019. Games drawn at the end of normal time to be decided by a Shoot Out

Shoot-Out Regulations Click Here

Games drawn at the end of normal time will be decided by a SHOOT-OUT Competition ie., no extra time

LL Div 7-8 Cup
07:00Skerries 2nd4vs1Bray 3rdMore
09:30Pembroke Wanderers 61vs3Railway Union 4thMore
12:30Rathgar 3rd3vs1Our Ladys 3rdMore
13:30Genesis 5th0vs1Naas 2ndMore
13:45Clontarf 3rd5vs2North Kildare 3rdMore
07:00Botanic 2nd1vs3Loreto 5thMore
10:00Naas 2nd2vs1Corinthians 3rdMore
10:00Suttonians 2nd3vs2Glenanne 2ndMore
10:30Skerries 2nd2vs3Railway Union 4thFT 0-0 SO 2-3More
12:30Rathgar 3rd1vs4Clontarf 3rdMore
13:15Old Alexandra 4th6vs1Monkstown 5thMore
13:30Enniscorthy 1st1vs0Weston 2ndWeston WithdrewMore
15:00Genesis 4th0vs1Muckross 4thMore
10:00Suttonians 2nd1vs3Muckross 4thMore
12:00Railway Union 4th0vs1Naas 2ndMore
14:30Loreto 5th7vs8Clontarf 3rdMore
15:15Old Alexandra 4th0vs5Enniscorthy 1stMore
14:45Enniscorthy 1st1vs0Clontarf 3rdMore
20:30Naas 2nd3vs2Muckross 4thMore
15:00Enniscorthy 1st2vs1Naas 2ndMore