LHA Trophy - Fixtures & Results

This cup competition is played in accordance with the Cup Competition rules of the Leinster Ladies, so please note the following and make sure your umpires and captains know the following ;

There shall be no replays in any rounds o any of the cup competitions. Drawn matches shall go to extra time proided the umpires decide the conditions permit Up to two periods of extra time of 5 minutes each shall be played under the Rules of the Silver Goal. If the teams are tied at the nd of extra time, a penalty stroke competition shall decide the outcome.

The date of the final is not confirmed and will take place BEFORE 30th April, finalists will be advised closer to the time

LHA Trophy
08:00Monkstown 3rd1vs0Weston 1stMore
08:00Old Alexandra 3rd5vs0Gorey More
08:00Wexford 1vs0Carlow More
15:30Bray 1st1vs0North Kildare 2ndMore
15:30Old Alexandra 3rd0vs8Kilkenny More
16:15Monkstown 3rd3vs2SBPP Swords 1stMore
10:00Wexford 0vs1Enniscorthy More
08:00Enniscorthy 4vs3Kilkenny More
08:00Bray 1st2vs1Monkstown 3rdMore
15:30Bray 1st3vs0Enniscorthy More