LJG Junior Jacqui Plate - Fixtures & Results

Teams who loose thier 1st or 2nd Round games in the Junior Jacqui Potter Cup are included in the Plate Competition

Loreto & Muckross received byes to Round two and are drawn against each other in Round 2 (JPC) - the loser of that match will play in the Plate against Weston

Enniscorthy, Botanic, Pembroke, Suttonians are all playing their 1st cup match on 29th January - if they loose their cup match, they will be included in the Plate Competition

LJG Junior Jacqui Plate
08:00Mount Anville HC 10vs1Bray 1More
08:00Newbridge 1vsTBC More
08:00North Kildare 11vs2SBPP Swords 1Round 1More
08:00TBC vsWicklow HC 1More
08:00Genesis 11vs2Suttonians 1More
08:00Loreto 14vs1Weston 1More
08:00Our Ladys 11vs0Botanic 1More
08:00Portrane 10vs5Pembroke Wanderers 1More
08:00YMCA 16vs1Clontarf 1More
08:00Bray 13vs0Our Ladys 1Quarter FinalMore
08:00Loreto 13vs0YMCA 1Quarter FinalMore
08:00Newbridge 11vs0Wicklow HC 1More
08:00Pembroke Wanderers 11vs0SBPP Swords 1More
09:00Bray 10vs4Pembroke Wanderers 1Semi FinalMore
09:00Loreto 13vs2Newbridge 1Semi FinalMore
11:00Pembroke Wanderers 12vs1Loreto 1Final; Back PitchMore