LB U16 Cup - Fixtures & Results

Leinster Boys U16 Cup

Under 16 boy teams split into four groups of three teams with Three Rock Rovers A, Corinthian A and Kilkenny through to the Quarter Finals

Quarter Final One : Three Rock Rovers A v Winner /Runnerup Group 2. Quarter Final Two: Kilkenny v Winner/Runnerup Group 2. Quarter Final Three ; Corinthians v Winner Group 4. Quarter Final Four; Winner of Group 1 v Winner of Group 3

Quarter Final Two : Kilkenny v Winner Group

Note: Group One. It is suggested that for Grup 1 team arrange to play each other on one day if possible.

Quarter finals to be played by 25th February

Semi Final 1 : Winner TRR/Monkstown v Winner Atlantic Academy/ YMCA

Semi Final 2 :Winner Corinthian/PWHC v Winner Kilkenny/TRR B

LB U16 Cup
08:00Avoca A0vs1Atlantic Academy HC Group 1More
08:00Avoca A1vs0Enniscorthy More
08:05Monkstown A2vs2Three Rock Rovers BGroup 2More
08:10YMCA A4vs1Clontarf AGroup 3More
08:20Pembroke Wanderers A4vs1Corinthians BMore
14:00Enniscorthy 1vs1Atlantic Academy HC More
08:05Three Rock Rovers BvsRailway Union AMore
08:10Clontarf AvsMonkstown BMore
08:20Corinthians B4vs0Wicklow HC AMore
08:05Railway Union A0vs3Monkstown AMore
08:10Monkstown B0vs3YMCA AMore
08:20Wicklow HC A1vs7Pembroke Wanderers AMore
08:00Atlantic Academy HC 0vs3YMCA AMore
08:00Corinthians A4vs3Pembroke Wanderers AQuarter FinalMore
08:00Kilkenny A6vs0Three Rock Rovers BQuarter FinalMore
08:00Three Rock Rovers A5vs1Monkstown AQuarter Final More
08:00Corinthians A3vs2Kilkenny ASemi FinalMore
08:00Three Rock Rovers A6vs1YMCA AMore
12:00Corinthians A1vs0Three Rock Rovers AFinalMore