LL Jacqui Potter Cup - Fixtures & Results

Preliminary Round 4th December

Winner Preliminary Round will play Pembroke Wanderers 2nd in Round 2

Loreto 1st, Monkstown 1st, UCD 1st, Muckross 1st, Avoca 1st, Genesis 1st, Pembroke Wanderers 1st & Railway Union 1st have byes to Round Two

Any teams knocked out of the Prelim, Round 1 and Round 2 are automatically entered into the Jacqui Potter Shield (except EYHL teams)

LL Jacqui Potter Cup
16:00Three Rock Rovers 1st1vs0Rathgar 1stPrelim RoundMore
12:30Clontarf 1st0vs7Railway Union 2ndMore
13:00Loreto 2nd2vs0Corinthians 1stMore
13:00Old Alexandra 1st2vs0Muckross 2ndMore
13:00UCD Ladies 2nd1vs0YMCA 1stMore
13:30Our Ladys 1st2vs4Trinity Ladies 1stRound OneMore
14:00Three Rock Rovers 1st1vs2Pembroke Wanderers 2ndMore
14:30Old Alexandra 2nd1vs2Glenanne 1stMore
16:00North Kildare 1st2vs1Monkstown 2ndMore
08:00Monkstown 1st6vs0Pembroke Wanderers 2ndMore
08:00Muckross 10vs4Loreto 1stMore
08:00Old Alexandra 1st7vs6Pembroke Wanderers 1stMore
08:00UCD Ladies 1st3vs0Trinity Ladies 1stMore
14:45Genesis 16vs5Avoca 1stMore
16:20UCD Ladies 2nd1vs3Glenanne 1stMore
20:30North Kildare 1st0vs2Railway Union 1stMore
20:40Railway Union 2nd8vs0Loreto 2ndMore
12:15Monkstown 1st2vs1Old Alexandra 1stMore
14:45Genesis 10vs3UCD Ladies 1stMore
16:15Loreto 1st1vs2Railway Union 1stMore
15:00Glenanne 1st4vs3Railway Union 2ndMore
14:00Glenanne 1st0vs3UCD Ladies 1stMore
16:00Railway Union 1st4vs0Monkstown 1stMore
14:00UCD Ladies 1st0vs7Railway Union 1stFinal (Front pitch)More