LL Div 11-12 Cup - Fixtures & Results

Note - Date of Cup Final will be confirmed in March 2017

LL Div 11-12 Cup
08:00Suttonians 3rd4vs1Old Alexandra 5thMore
09:30UCD Ladies 7th4vs0North Kildare 5thMore
14:00Bray 4th2vs0Three Rock Rovers 3rdMore
16:00Trinity Ladies 5th1vs2North Kildare 4thMore
08:00Portlaoise 8vs1Mullingar 2ndMore
08:00Portrane 1st2vs0Skerries 3More
09:30UCD Ladies 8th2vs0Weston 3rdMore
10:30North Kildare 4th2vs1Suttonians 3rdMore
13:30Muckross 6th4vs2Rathgar 4thMuckross won on strokes 3-2More
14:45Bray 4th5vs3UCD Ladies 7thMore
16:00Genesis 6th0vs1Pembroke Wanderers 8More
17:30Clontarf 5th0vs1Greystones HC More
08:00Portlaoise 1vs0Pembroke Wanderers 8More
08:00Portrane 1st1vs0Greystones HC More
12:00Bray 4th3vs1North Kildare 4thMore
16:30Muckross 6th7vs1UCD Ladies 8thMore
12:30Portlaoise 3vs4Muckross 6thMore
17:00Bray 4th4vs2Portrane 1stMore
13:30Muckross 6th2vs0Bray 4thMore