LL LHA Trophy 2016 - Fixtures & Results

LHA Trophy 2016 - Final date to be confirmed for 9th/10th April

This years LHA Trophy will be played in a Round Robin of two groups playing games on the 28th February with the winner of each group playing in a final on 8th/9th April

Group 1 (Venue Kilkenny) - Kilkenny HC, Pembroke Wand 4, UCD 3

Group 2 (Venue Loreto) - Loreto 3; Wexford HC; Enniscorthy HC

Please note each team is expected to provide an umpire. The competition will be run on a league basis with normal league points awarded. Matches will be 20 minutes each way.

LL LHA Trophy 2016
09:00Kilkenny 3vs2UCD Ladies 3Group OneMore
09:00Pembroke Wanderers 42vs3Kilkenny Group OneMore
09:00Pembroke Wanderers 4vsUCD Ladies 3VoidMore
14:30Enniscorthy 1vs3Wexford Group TwoMore
15:30Loreto 32vs2Wexford Group TwoMore
16:30Loreto 33vs1Enniscorthy Group TwoMore
15:00Wexford 0vs3Kilkenny Final (Back Pitch)More