LM Junior Cup 2015-16 - Fixtures & Results

Home team is responsible for updating the time/date of fixtures. Results must be returned immediately after the game. Date of Final will be confirmed in March 2016

Round One 10-11 Oct; Round Two 14-15 Nov; Round Three 05 Dec; Round Four 13-14 Feb; Final 09-10 April

LM Junior Cup 2015-16
11:00Dublin University 32vs1Mullingar 2More
13:45Wicklow HC 2vs1Enniscorthy More
14:00Rathgar 31vs2Monkstown 5More
15:00YMCA 46vs1Railway Union 5More
09:01SBPP Swords 2vs3Wicklow HC More
12:00Fingal 21vs8Suttonians More
12:00Naas 22vs3Weston 3More
12:30Avoca 30vs3North Kildare 1More
12:30Clontarf 3rd4vs3Dublin University 3More
12:50UCD Mens 3rd3vs1YMCA 4More
13:00Corinthians 40vs1St James Gate More
15:30Pembroke Wanderers 51vs0Monkstown 5More
09:01Clontarf 3rd4vs1St James Gate More
09:01Pembroke Wanderers 52vs3Suttonians More
09:01Wicklow HC 2vs1North Kildare 1More
12:50UCD Mens 3rd5vs3Weston 3More
09:01Suttonians 4vs0UCD Mens 3rdMore
11:00Wicklow HC 0vs1Clontarf 3rdMore
13:00Suttonians 2vs1Clontarf 3rdSuttonians on PSOMore