LL Div 7-8 Cup - Fixtures & Results

Home teams are responsible for updating the system with the match time and returning results. Final results must be returned within four hours of final whistle (ie., if game is decided on a Penalty Shoot Out the result of the PSO should be returned) **Note the date for the final will be confirmed in March 2016 **

LL Div 7-8 Cup
11:00Skerries 2nd1vs0Old Alexandra 4thMore
11:00Three Rock Rovers 3rd0vs2Loreto 5thMore
16:00Monkstown 2nd4vs0Malahide Fingal 2ndMore
16:30UCD Ladies 5th2vs0Botanic 3rdMore
12:00Weston 2nd0vs4North Kildare 3rdMore
12:30Pembroke Wanderers 60vs1Mullingar 1stMore
13:00Our Ladys 3rd2vs0Suttonians 2ndMore
13:15YMCA 2nd2vs3Corinthians 3rdMore
15:00Clontarf 3rd3vs1Railway Union 4thMore
15:00Loreto 5th0vs3UCD Ladies 5thMore
15:00Avoca 3rd4vs3Genesis 3rdpp weather 28/11More
14:30Monkstown 2nd4vs3Skerries 2ndMore
13:30Corinthians 3rd1vs0Mullingar 1stMore
14:00Clontarf 3rd2vs0Avoca 3rdMore
14:30Our Ladys 3rd0vs4Monkstown 2ndMore
14:45UCD Ladies 5th2vs1North Kildare 3rdMore
15:15Corinthians 3rd1vs3Monkstown 2ndMore
16:00UCD Ladies 5th1vs0Clontarf 3rdMore
12:30Monkstown 2nd1vs0UCD Ladies 5thMore