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Video Policy

IHA policy in respect of the use of video equipment and images for training purposes

In order to clarify the position relating to the use of video equipment and images of hockey training/matches particularly at U18 club and schools levels, the Welfare Committee of the IHA has recommended the following policy on the use of video/photographic equipment which has been approved by the IHA Board. The policy is as follows:

There is no intention on the part of the IHA to prevent branch/club coaches using video equipment and images as a legitimate coaching aid.

The IHA has approved the use of photographic/film/video equipment at all games under the jurisdiction of the IHA or any of its affiliated organisations as a legitimate coaching aid. All players who participate in these competitions shall freely permit their images to be used for coaching purposes and for the promotion of hockey without any payment or compensation. Players and parents/carers will be made aware of this policy.

It is the responsibility of the IHA and its affiliated organisations to ensure that video images for coaching or promotion purposes shall be used appropriately. No video images for training purposes should be taken of young children under the age of 12.

So what does this mean?

-          Videoing of matches is approved at all club and school games for players aged 12 and above provided that the material is being used as a legitimate coaching aid
-          It is the responsibility of the clubs and schools to inform the parents that video images may be used for training purposes and must seek the parental consent.
-          If a parent has an issue with the videoing of games, the club and/or school needs to engage directly with the parent with a view to finding a solution. The reason for refusal of consent may be a cause for concern.
-          A club or school can no longer prohibit the opposition from videoing matches
-          Each club and school needs to agree a policy around the use and storage of video material ensuring that it is used only for coaching purposes and that it is not shared or put on a public platform. Each organisation has to assess the risk of inappropriate use of video images.
-          If images are used for promotional purposes the child(ren) should not be named. Inappropriate use of images should be reported to the organisation's Children's Officer or Designated Person if the image causes a concern about child abuse.

From an implementation point of view and in line with the IHA Code of Ethics for Hockey for Young People, clubs and schools should also be aware of the Good Practice Guidelines around the use of video or photographic equipment which can be found by clicking here.