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Committees - Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee is responsible for reviewing applications for pitch development and making recommendations to the Board.  

The Committee is also responsible for ensuring the proper maintenance and management of those grounds in which the LHA has a legal interest.  The Committee reports to the LHA Management Committee and to General Meetings.

The following clubs have received pitch loans from the Association ; Avoca HC, Botanic HC, Clontarf HC, Corinthian HC, Glenanne HC, Monkstown HC, North Kildare HC, Suttonians HC, YMCA HC.

The initial criteria for clubs/schools wishing to apply to the Association for a pitch loan are as follows:

  • Interest free loan over a maximum of 15 years (subject to tenure of facilities for the duration of the loan
  • Maximum loan amount will be no more than €100,000 
  • Applicants must display financial projections indicating not only an ability to replay but also the capability of setting aside adequate funds for future pitch replacement.*
  • The LHA should be allocated a minimum of 50 hours playing time with 50% of this time to be made available in the months June to August
  • Acknowledgement of LHA support to be visible pitch side
  • Administration fee (1 - 3%) applicable on all successful loan applications
  • Successful applicants are responsible for LHA Legal Fees

In assessing competing applications, preference will be given to applicants

  1. Located in areas with development potential for the growth of hockey & which are currently under resourced
  2. Who are contributing to the development from their own funds
  3. With an active underage section &
  4. With an adult section of both sexes

*Successful applicants will be required to supply annual accounts to the Grounds Committee upon request

Chair : John Flannery

Committee : Amy Armstrong, David McNerney (LHA Board Member), Terry Quigley

Email : grounds@leinsterhockey.ie


Updated 22nd January 2021



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