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FAQ - General

This section has been introduced to the website for Frequently Asked Questions and will be added to on an ongoing basis!  Every effort is made to ensure that as much information is available on the website, however, if there are questions that you need answers to please email admin@leinsterhockey.ie or the relevant Section Secretary that your query refers to. 


General Queries

Who organises my match?
The Match Secretary in your club agrees your match time with the opposition club on the Sunday before your game (for games on Saturdays).  Any changes to fixtures should be approved by the relevant Fixtures Committee.  If you have any concerns about your game, discuss it with your club Match Secretary; do not contact the Fixtures Committee directly
What is the minimum number of players needed to play a hockey match?
According to the FIH rules of hockey there is no minimum number of players.  You do not need 11 players in order to start a match.
What happens if we have no umpires?
In the event of there being no officially appointed umpires, each team shall provide an umpire - if necessary by removing a player from the team to umpire.  If both captains agree, one team may provide both umpires. 
In the event that only one officially appointed umpire is present, both captains shall agree on a second umpire.  In the event of a disagreement, the officially appointed umpire shall withdraw and the rule above shall apply.
A team may not change an umpire during a match unless through injury or illness.  Prior consent of both team captains and the other umpire must be obtained.  A person may not coach and umpire at the same time. 
Coaching from the sidelines is permitted, but the coach must remain between the centre and backlines of his/her end of the pitch.
After the match
If you are the home team, you must complete the match card and ensure that it is signed by your team captain, the opposition captain and the two umpires.  The Results Official in your club will text the final score and the league table/cup competition will be updated on the LHA website.  Match cards must be posted to the relevant Registration Secretary within 72 hours.
Returning/Reporting Results
Every club must advise the LHA Administrator the name and mobile number for their Results Official prior to the start of the season.  On the day of the fixture, the Results Official will receive a text message for each home game.  The Results Official should return the result of the game as soon as the game is over.  In the event of a Cup Fixture the result returned should be the either
a. The result at full time or in the case of a draw
b. The result of the Silver Goal or in the case of a draw
c. The result of the Penalty Stroke Competition

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Fines & Penalties

FIH Rules of Hockey

New Rules (effective in Ireland Sept 2012)