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Garda Vetting

The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 makes vetting mandatory for anyone volunteering or seeking employment relating to children or vulnerable persons. Anybody who is involved in ‘any work or activity which is carried out by a person, a necessary and regular part of which consists mainly of the person having access to, or contact with children’ must be vetted.

It will be an offence for an organisation or an employer to employ someone to work with children or vulnerable persons without going through the vetting procedures set out in the Act. Liability rests with the organisation or employer, not the employee.

From 01st January 2017 Hockey Ireland are now vetting candidates through the National Vetting Bureau's eVetting portal.  While the NVB will only accept online forms, Hockey Ireland will accept vetting forms by email/post. [edited 050319]

Garda eVetting Steps
Step 1The vetting subject completes a Hockey Ireland eVetting Invitation & ID Validation.  They present their original ID's with Photocopies to their Club Children's Officer for validation.  The club then posts the eVetting Invitation Form along with a batch header to the Liaison Person at Hockey Ireland, Newstead Building C, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4.  Copies of ID should NOT be sent.  The Liaison Person then uploads this information onto the National Vetting Bureau
Step 2The National Vetting Bureau then sends the vetting subject an e-mail inviting him/her to complete the online eVetting Application Form.  This invitation lasts for 30 days only.
Step 3The vetting subject completes an eVetting Application Form online & submits it automatically to Hockey Ireland.
Step 4The Hockey Ireland Liaison Person reviews the Vetting Application Form and submits it to the National Vetting Bureau for processing.
Step 5The National Vetting Bureau processes th application and forward a vetting diclosure to the Hockey Ireland Liaison Person
Step 6Hockey Ireland reviwes th vetting disclosure and as soon as is practicable provides a response to the vetting subject.

The new vetting forms are now available along with some updated Frequently Asked Questions and details on Identification Validation.    (Click Here)

Please read through the Steps for Completing the Hockey Ireland eVetting Invitation & ID Validation Form before completing.

If you have any questions or queries regarding vetting please contact Laura Cullen at 01 7163262 [part-time] or by email on nationalchildrensofficer@hockey.ie

LHA Code of Ethics Policy & Documents - Click Here

Updated 05th March 2019