Executive Manager achieves Management Certificate   27/04/2022

Strongest Together our 2021-2025 strategy identifies some key Values and Goals for our business. The Values include;

Accountability - Taking ownership of our work and acknowledging responsibility

Excellence/Professionalism - Strive for the highest quality in all that we deliver, prioritising the growth and development of our people to allow us to be the best we can be

The Values, must be realised and lived by each of us in order that we can achieve a key Goal, to Excel in Sport Business.

To actively promote living these values in our staff team, our Executive Manager, Karen Rollo has been supported to allow time in her work programme to achieve recognised, accredited, professional management skills certificate from the Labour Relations Agency.

The Labour Relations Agency is responsible for the improvement of employment relations in NI and provides independent advice to employers, employees, trade unions etc while also offering training courses to ensure best employment practice. 

Karen has successfully completed 9 weeks of learning, culminating in a case study assessment to achieve her certificate.

Karen Rollo, Executive Manager,

'With a staff team of 11 people (and growing), Netball NI is a significant employer as a National Governing Body, my role as the Senior Staff member includes a responsibility to our staff to understand their needs, meet their expectations as their manager and ensuring that I have up to date knowledge on employment conditions, policies, best practice etc  to create a positive working environment while optimising our outputs as a business and a sport and being accountable to our stakeholders. 

The modules completed during the course help not only the work I do with our staff team and the ever increasing professionalism in the running of the business, but were really effective for me in terms of my continuous professional development, allowing me to recognise my strengths as a manager and also support me to improve in the areas that I could do better. It was a great opportunity to be able to devote time to this area of my role as we have a super staff team and I want to be able to empower each of them to be the best they can be knowing that we are governed correctly, have the right policies and procedures in place that are adhered to and that they can focus on doing their job and doing it well.'