Netball - a Sport for everyone   23/03/2022

Netball, for so many of us is our happy place, a place where we can exercise, be with our friends, learn new skills, challenge ourselves, allow that competitive side of us to be let out and most of all a place where we can be ourselves. Often billed as a sport for everyone, we are thrilled to share the experiences of one of our members, who’s return to competitive netball is an inspiration and demonstrates how true this is.

Cora Peters, Newcastle Netball Club Goal Attack has been speaking with our Executive Manager, Karen Rollo about what playing competitive sport means to her.

In their first season with a senior team playing league netball, Newcastle Netball Club have been an incredible addition to the Netball NI family, playing great netball with smiles on their faces and keeping us all updated with their regular social media posts. What many people probably don’t realise until they see Newcastle playing, is that their GA, Cora Peters, has mastered the game despite having had her left arm amputated a year ago following an accident three years previously.

Cora, 23, played netball all through school and recently came back to the sport having heard through friends that Newcastle were building a senior squad. Coaches Charlotte and Eileen, and indeed the whole club have welcomed Cora and while no adaptions are made to the rules of the game for Cora, have embraced supporting her and her teammates to play a style that allows her to both train and play competitive matches. Key to this has been how her midcourt feed the ball into her in the circle and for Cora to work on getting the right body position & angles to enable the best ball placement.

While not a fan of being in the limelight, Cora is happy to share her story to show that netball is a sport for everyone and encourage others in similar situations to give it a try. Her favourite things about netball are that she can play competitively in a regular league, getting to see other clubs play and the social aspect of playing a team sport, making good friends within the club and while Covid has meant Newcastle hasn’t has a full club social outing just yet, it is definitely planned for the end of the season to celebrate what they’ve achieved so far and to plan for even more growth next season!