Upcoming Courses

Netball NI will regularly update this and our Facebook page with details of upcoming courses. 

Education and Training Calendar 2017-18

The newly developed Education and Training Calendar lists all courses for for club volunteers, coaches, officials and coach mentors (educators/tutors). The Calendar is in two parts – One is the ‘Overview’ tab of events in the Calendar and the second is called ‘More info’ including a description of the event and how to register/pay.

2017-18 Education and Training Calendar Overview (published 20.12.17).pdf

2017-18 Education and Training Calendar More Info (published 20.12.17).pdf

The Calendar is an evolving document meaning that some dates still need to be confirmed (TBC), many venues still need to be booked, other local council courses to be added and registration/payment details still to be included.  Over time we hope to replace the excel spreadsheet with an online Calendar which would be a live dashboard on our website – watch this space.

The Calendar has been split into eight categories:

  • Club Development
  • Club Volunteer Education
  • Club Volunteer CPD
  • Officials Education
  • Officials CPD
  • Coach Education
  • Coach CPD
  • Mentor CPD (educators/tutors)

We hope that the Calendar helps both current members and future members find the qualification they are seeking and as many people as possible avail of the great continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities we have in the Calendar.

Any questions please direct to Tom Causer either by email clubandworkforce@netballni.org or on 07922 457892.