Covid19 - Uibh Laoire return to play protocol   19/06/2020

Uibh Laoire GAA are following the Covid_19 Education programme to help get the club back to playing safely. 

The programme aims to protect the health and welfare of all those involved in Gaelic Games and minimize the risk of transmission of Covid-19 in local communities.

In the next couple of weeks, we will release links to all relevant information on our website and social media accounts. If you are an active member or interested in receiving club updates related to certain teams, please send you number and team info to 0857794653. 

First steps to getting back to the field of play is updating yourself on the recent guidelines which have been released. 

Please become familiar with those here: 


Every member of the club must also complete this e-learning module: https://courses.gaa.ie/Covid19ClubEd/#/ 

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