Mini Leagues - Where It All Begins


Children aged 5, 6 and 7 are catered for in our Mini Leagues every Saturday morning at 10pm. Terms run from September to December, break for Christmas and restart in February (weather dependent!) and continue to the end of June. Registration takes place at the start of each term but you can bring your child down any Saturday.

Prior to the start of each term we distribute registration forms to all the local schools but if your child doesn't get one keep an eye on the website and Facebook page and come down and register.

Mini Leagues are a great way to introduce your child to sports as the emphasis is on physical, social and emotional development through activities with fun at the heart of everything. Our coaches are all club players and many have gone through the Mini Leagues themselves.

All this fun is carried out through the medium of hurling, camogie and gaelic football and all equipment is supplied by the club but it's a good idea for the children to have their hurls, sliothars and footballs to practice with.



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