Hi all!

We are running a very interesting little competition around the Euros. Test your skill at predicting the scores in the games and other little nuggets and be in with a chance of being the talk of the town, the pundit of the parish or the guru of the goals.

Fill in the predictor sheet and either send it back to maighcuilinn16@gmail.com. You can fill in the form and pay for your entry here

Old Style
Alternatively, you can print out the .pdf version and give it, along with the entry fee, to one of the committee members, coaches etc. You can print out the the form here.

Real Old Style
Locally, we'll have some sheets left in the usual haunts -  Regans, The Coach House and The Forge. 

Here's how it works:
1) This is a skill based competition in which entrants must predict the scores of all group matches. The entry fee is â‚¬10.

2) Entry sheets with score predictions must be received by a member of the finance committee before kick-off of the first match at 8.00pm on Friday 10th June 2016. Once the first match has kicked off, no further entries will be accepted.

3) Points will be awarded as follows: - 3 points for predicting the correct score, 1 point for predicting an incorrect score, but with the correct result (i.e. you pick the winner of the match Competition progress will be recorded in a master spreadsheet and displayed on the web site.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st - €250, 2nd â‚¬150, and 3rd places â‚¬100 based on the highest total of points. 

4) Should two entrants have an equal tally of points, the entrant who predicted the most number of correct scores will be given a higher rank.

So get typing or writing and make sure you share this with 100 of your buddies. The form can be downloaded from this website. Or just press the button with the big soccer ball that says Comortas UEFA Euro 16 on it. Simples!!

This is for the club and it's a bit of craic

Thanks for your support!

Comórtas UEFA Euro 2016