Message From Our Juevinile Chairman   07/05/2016

As coaches, administrators and officials we have a duty to our youngsters to guide them in the right direction and a moral duty to care if they are straying or if they are feeling in any way a lesser person. The link below features a very strong article that we all should read and take note off.

As a club we play a lead role in the wider community and i feel we should be to the forefront with any scheme that can safeguard the wellbeing of our youngsters. As such i'm in advanced discussions with a Mindfulness expert who delivers seminars all over the country. He's also a Sky ambassador (along with Katie Taylor etc) and has a raft of experience with coaches and players from juvenile to elites.

Next Friday, May 13th at 7.30 is when we propose to do this, so any lad that is facing pressure at exam time might benefit. I know its short notice and some lads might not be available, but the youngsters mental fitness is just as important as their physical fitness.
The seminar will last approx 90 minutes and be aimed at the 12-16 age group. Parents and youngsters will be urged to attend. If one person benefits from this it'll be well worth while.

These seminars cost a considerable sum but on this occasion the fee will be waived, its a great opportunity for us as a club and as individuals to learn.

Hopefully it'll help both adults and kids to understand that there are answers out there. Parents should benefit by learning what kind of pressures(both from peers and family) that youngsters are under.

I'll mail all parents soon and we'll get it on the website and twitter...its not confined to us as a football club its open to everybody that has kids and people should try and attend.

Thanks for your time, its an issue i feel strong about and its a topic nobody wants to have foisted upon them,



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