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Cahill Cup Final 2017-10-28 23:17:00

Cahill Cup Final

Currow had a narrow 1-15 to 1-14 victory over Reenard in the Cahill Cup final at Beaufort on Saturday last. 

It was a game of two halves with Currow dominating the first half thanks to an early goal from the penalty spot by Padraig O’Shea, who scored 1-8 of the winners’ total,  and they led by 1-8 to 0-4 at the break. 

Points from the likes of Maurice O’Neill, Eoghan McCrohan and Eoghan McDaid and a goal from Sean O’Connor saw Reenard fight back in the decond half but they just came up short desoite the heroics of their goalkeeper Patrick McGill. 

Apart from Padraig O’Shea, Seamus Brosnan was the other scoring threat for Currow scoring three points.