Intermediate Club Football Championship - Round 1 2017-04-17 19:57:00

Intermediate Club Football Championship - Round 1

Waterville 0-09 

Templenoe 2-09

Stephen O’Dwyer opened the scoring with a free kick. Shortly afterwards nice play from Templenoe lead to a point from their centre half forward, a soft score to give away from Waterville where the ball bounced over the bar.

Oran Clifford got a nice point from about 40 yards out followed by Stephen O’Dwyer with another free. Stephen O’Sullivan from Templenoe got a great score to level the game. 15 minutes into the game Waterville goalkeeper Seamus O’Shea got injured, and was replaced by Paddy O’Dwyer.

Templenoe scored a goal in the 21st minute, the score now standing at 0-03 to 1-03.  After a 10 minute break with no score Alan O’Shea tapped over a free for Waterville.  In injury time Waterville’s Fergal Cronin kicked it over the bar to make it a point game.

Half time Score Waterville 0-05 to 1-03 Templenoe

Two minutes in to the half Templenoe’s Stephen O’Sullivan scored the first point of the second half. This was followed by Tadgh Morley with another point for Templenoe to put them three ahead. Fergal Cronin scored a great point for Waterville. Templenoe responded quickly and Stephen O’Sullivan was back with another great score.  

Waterville retaliated and Barry O’Dwyer got a point for Waterville to make it a two point game again. Templenoe don’t hang around and they were in with another point from Stephen O’Sullivan. With 45 minutes gone Stephen O’Dwyer tapped over another free kick for Waterville.

Templenoe scored another point and the away side were up by 3 points again.

After a break with no score Pat Spillane scored a goal for Templenoe to put Waterville 6 points behind. Templenoe followed this with another point and the last score of the game was a Sam O’Dwyer point for Waterville.