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Cork GAA Draw - 6 Month Entry Oppurtunity 2015-03-13 10:24:00

Cork GAA Draws has opened a chance to join half way through the season. With 6 draws left the tickets are now €50 a piece.

A little bit of the History on the Draw:
The Cork GAA Clubs Draw commenced in 1992 following the Purchase of Páirc Uí Rinn by the Cork County Board.
It had three main aims:
1)   To develop Páirc Uí Rinn as a modern stadium
2)   To provide the CLCG Chorcaí with funds for coaching and youth development.
3)   To provide Clubs with finance to fund their ongoing developments both on and off the field
The Draw has been an outstanding success, with the Clubs of the County making over a staggering €15 million euros since the Draw commenced (at no risk to the Clubs as the Cork County Board funds the prizes and admin costs ). It also has enabled the Board to fund coaching and youth development in the County.

How Does The Club Benefit?

45% -  up to 200 participants   |    55% -  201 to 500 participants   |    65% - 501 upwards

Clubs have used the proceeds of the Draw in a number of different ways:
-   Dressing Room and Pavilion development
-   All weather pitch development
-   Floodlighting pitches
-   Purchase of additional land
-   To finance their playing activities for the year
Members    Amount Going To Club
100    â‚¬4,500
200    â‚¬9,000
300    â‚¬14,500
400    â‚¬20,000
500    â‚¬25,500
600    â‚¬32,000
700    â‚¬38,500
800    â‚¬45,000
900    â‚¬51,500
1,000    â‚¬58,000

All the information here otr see the attached image for how to join..

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