Upcoming Fixtures : 22/05/2022 - 19/06/2022

Go Ahead Inter 1 Cup Competition
18:30Whitehall Colmcille vsNaomh Peregrine Whitehall ColmcilleSimon Redmond (Pending)Rd 3More
Go Ahead Inter 2 Cup Competition
19:30Naomh Maur vsBallinteer St Johns BNaomh MaurDerek Brannigan (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Lucan Sarsfields BvsCastleknock BLucan SarsfieldsEugene Murphy Jnr (Pending)Rd 3More
Go Ahead Junior 1 Cup Competition
19:30Erins Isle BvsRaheny BErins IslePhilip Bourke (Pending)Rd 6More
Go Ahead Junior 2 Cup Competition
19:30Fingallians vsGood Counsel BFingalliansBrendan Cooper (Pending)Rd 2More
Go Ahead Junior 7 Cup Competition
19:30Thomas Davis BvsWild Geese AThomas DavisPat Denieffe (Pending)Rd 3More
U18 League Division 3
10:30Ballyboden St Endas vsBallinteer St Johns Ballyboden St EndasGerry McGough (Pending)Rd 8More
10:30Good Counsel vsSkerries Harps Good CounselFergal McDonagh 0868075217 (Pending)Rd 8More
10:30Naomh Jude vsBYE Naomh JudeTBC (Pending)Rd 8More
U18 League Division 4
10:30Naomh Peregrine vsLucan Sarsfields BNaomh PeregrineCarolAnne Canning 0876129643 (Pending)Rd 1 AmendedMore
19:30Craobh Chiarain vsBallyboden St Endas BCraobh ChiarainBrendan Cooper (Pending)Rd 1 AmendedMore
U16 Division 1 League
19:30Na Fianna AvsFingallians Na FiannaTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Clontarf vsLucan Sarsfields AClontarfTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Fingallians vsBallyboden St Endas AFingalliansTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Kilmacud Crokes AvsNa Fianna AKilmacud CrokesTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Naomh Jude vsFaughs/Celtic ANaomh JudeTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Ballyboden St Endas AvsClontarf Ballyboden St EndasTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Faughs/Celtic AvsKilmacud Crokes AFaughs/CelticTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Lucan Sarsfields AvsNaomh Jude Lucan SarsfieldsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U16 Division 2 League
19:30St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh vsSt Annes St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan RuadhTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
15:30Naomh Maur AvsSt Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh Naomh MaurTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Naomh Olaf vsSt Vincents Naomh OlafTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30St Annes vsCuala ASt AnnesTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Cuala AvsNaomh Maur ACualaTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh vsWhitehall Colmcille St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan RuadhTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30St Vincents vsSt Annes St VincentsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U16 Division 3 League
19:30Raheny AvsWestmanstown RahenySimon Redmond (Pending)Rd 4More
15:30Na Fianna BvsCommercials Na FiannaTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Raheny AvsNaomh Brid ARahenyTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Stars of Erin vsErins Isle AStar of ErinTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Westmanstown vsCastleknock ATBCTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Castleknock AvsStars of Erin CastleknockTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Commercials vsRaheny ACommercialsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Erins Isle AvsNa Fianna BErins IsleTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Naomh Brid AvsWestmanstown Naomh BridTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U16 Division 4 League
15:00Cuala BvsErin Go Bragh CualaTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Clann na Gael vsKilmacud Crokes BClann na GaelTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Clontarf BvsBeann Eadair ClontarfTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Skerries Harps vsNaomh Mearnog Skerries HarpsTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Beann Eadair vsCuala BBeann EadairTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Erin Go Bragh vsClann na Gael Erin Go BraghTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Kilmacud Crokes BvsSkerries Harps Kilmacud CrokesTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Naomh Mearnog vsClontarf BNaomh MearnogTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U16 Division 5 League
00:30Erins Isle BvsBYE Erins IsleTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Ballyboden St Endas BvsBallinteer St Johns BBallyboden St EndasTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30Round Tower vsCastleknock BRound TowersTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
15:30St Finians vsNa Fianna CSt FiniansTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
00:00Castleknock BvsBYE CastleknockTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Ballinteer St Johns BvsSt Finians Ballinteer St JohnsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Erins Isle BvsBallyboden St Endas BErins IsleTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
15:30Na Fianna CvsRound Tower Na FiannaTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U15 Division 1 League
19:30Lucan Sarsfields AvsBallinteer St Johns ALucan SarsfieldsPaddy Kiernan (Pending)Rd 3More
19:30Kilmacud Crokes AvsFaughs/Celtic AKilmacud CrokesTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Ballyboden St Endas AvsNaomh Olaf Ballyboden St EndasCiaran Russell (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Faughs/Celtic AvsLucan Sarsfields AFaughs/CelticGer Delaney (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Barrog AvsKilmacud Crokes ANaomh BarrogSimon Redmond (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Jude vsBallinteer St Johns ANaomh JudeJohn Doherty (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Ballinteer St Johns AvsBallyboden St Endas ABallinteer St JohnsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Lucan Sarsfields AvsNaomh Jude Lucan SarsfieldsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Naomh Olaf vsNaomh Barrog ANaomh OlafTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U15 Division 2 League
19:30Raheny AvsGood Counsel RahenyMegan O'Connor 0852018520 (Pending)Rd 2More
19:00Naomh Brid AvsNaomh Mearnog ANaomh BridDave Foley (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Clontarf vsCommercials ClontarfConor Dodd (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Good Counsel vsNaomh Brid AGood CounselPat Joyce 0876799515 (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Maur AvsRaheny ANaomh MaurDerek Brannigan (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Mearnog AvsNa Fianna ANaomh MearnogTimmy McCarthy (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Commercials vsNaomh Mearnog ACommercialsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Na Fianna AvsGood Counsel Na FiannaTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Naomh Brid AvsNaomh Maur ANaomh BridTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Raheny AvsClontarf RahenyTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U15 Division 3 League
13:30Castleknock AvsSt Vincents CastleknockNaomh Brid (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30CBC vsWhitehall Colmcille CBCEugene Murphy (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Peregrine vsSt Finians Naomh PeregrineTBC (Pending)RD 6More
13:30O Tooles GAA vsCuala AO Tooles GAACarolAnne Canning 0876129643 (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Cuala AvsCastleknock ACualaTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30St Finians vsCBC St FiniansTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30St Vincents vsNaomh Peregrine St VincentsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Whitehall Colmcille vsO Tooles GAA Whitehall ColmcilleTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U15 Division 4 League
19:30Westmanstown vsStars of Erin TBCTBC (Pending)Rd 4More
13:30Craobh Chiarain vsStars of Erin Craobh ChiarainTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Fingallians vsBallyboden St Endas BFingalliansTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Setanta vsLucan Sarsfields BSetantaNa Fianna (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Westmanstown vsNaomh Padraig TBCTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Ballyboden St Endas BvsCraobh Chiarain Ballyboden St EndasTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Lucan Sarsfields BvsWestmanstown Lucan SarsfieldsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Naomh Padraig vsFingallians Naomh PadraigTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Stars of Erin vsSetanta Star of ErinTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U15 Division 5 League
13:30Erin Go Bragh vsRound Towers Lusk Erin Go BraghTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Barrog vsNa Fianna BNaomh BarrogTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Brid BvsShankill GAA Naomh BridTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Olaf vsRaheny BNaomh OlafKilmacud Crokes (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Na Fianna BvsNaomh Brid BNa FiannaTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Raheny BvsNaomh Barrog RahenyTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Round Towers Lusk vsNaomh Olaf Round Towers LuskTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Shankill GAA vsErin Go Bragh Shankill GAATBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U15 Division 6 League
19:30Ballinteer St Johns BvsKilmacud Crokes BBallinteer St JohnsFergal McDonagh 0868075217 (Pending)Rd 5More
U14 Division 1 League
19:30Ballyboden St Endas AvsKilmacud Crokes ABallyboden St EndasCiaran RussellRd 2More
19:30Lucan Sarsfields AvsBallinteer St Johns ALucan SarsfieldsCraig Curtis 0872678398 (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Na Fianna AvsSt Vincents Na FiannaJason Buckley (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Whitehall Colmcille vsNaomh Brid AWhitehall ColmcilleLiam O BrienRd 2More
19:30Whitehall Colmcille vsLucan Sarsfields AWhitehall ColmcilleBrendan Cooper (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Ballinteer St Johns AvsKilmacud Crokes ABallinteer St JohnsTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Na Fianna AvsBallyboden St Endas ANa FiannaTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30St Vincents vsNaomh Brid ASt VincentsTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
19:30Na Fianna AvsKilmacud Crokes ANa FiannaSt Vincents (Pending)Rd 4More
13:30Ballyboden St Endas AvsSt Vincents Ballyboden St EndasTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U14 Division 2 League
19:30Castleknock AvsCuala ACastleknockDamian Noble (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Faughs/Celtic AvsClontarf Faughs/CelticNaomh Jude (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Fingallians vsNaomh Mearnog FingalliansIan Howley 0879412428 (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Naomh Olaf vsNaomh Jude Naomh OlafGerry McGough (Pending)Rd 2More
13:30Clontarf vsNaomh Mearnog ClontarfTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Faughs/Celtic AvsCastleknock AFaughs/CelticTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Fingallians vsNaomh Olaf FingalliansTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Jude vsCuala ANaomh JudeTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Castleknock AvsClontarf CastleknockTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Cuala AvsFingallians CualaTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U14 Division 3 League
19:30Erins Isle vsCommercials Erins IsleCarolAnne Canning 0876129643 (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30O Dwyers 1vsRound Tower O DwyersDerek Brannigan (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Westmanstown vsRaheny TBCPhilip Bourke (Pending)Rd 2More
13:30Commercials vsRaheny CommercialsTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Crumlin vsWestmanstown CrumlinTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Maur vsRound Tower Naomh MaurTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30O Dwyers 1vsErins Isle O DwyersTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
11:30Raheny vsO Dwyers 1RahenyTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Erins Isle vsCrumlin Erins IsleTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Round Tower vsCommercials Round TowersTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Westmanstown vsNaomh Maur TBCTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U14 Dvision 4 League
19:30Na Fianna BvsBallyboden St Endas BNa FiannaEilis Kearney 0868448230 (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Naomh Peregrine vsClontarf BNaomh PeregrineNaomh Brid (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30O Tooles GAA vsSkerries Harps O Tooles GAACarla Hayes 0831925910 (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Scoil Ui Chonaill vsBeann Eadair Scoil Ui ChonaillMegan O'Connor 0852018520 (Pending)Rd 2More
13:30Beann Eadair vsSkerries Harps Beann EadairTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Clontarf BvsBallyboden St Endas BClontarfTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Na Fianna BvsScoil Ui Chonaill Na FiannaTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Peregrine vsO Tooles GAA Naomh PeregrineTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
19:00O Tooles GAA vsScoil Ui Chonaill O Tooles GAAEilis Kearney 0868448230 (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Ballyboden St Endas BvsBeann Eadair Ballyboden St EndasTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30O Tooles GAA vsClontarf BO Tooles GAATBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Scoil Ui Chonaill vsNaomh Peregrine Scoil Ui ChonaillTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Skerries Harps vsNa Fianna BSkerries HarpsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U14 Division 5 League
19:30St Marks vsCastleknock BSt MarksNaomh Jude (Pending)Rd 5More
00:00Castleknock BvsBYE CastleknockTBC (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Ballinteer St Johns BvsTrinity Gaels Ballinteer St JohnsNaomh Olaf (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30St Finians vsLucan Sarsfields BSt FiniansRd 2More
00:30Trinity Gaels vsBYE Trinity GaelsTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Ballinteer St Johns BvsSt Finians Ballinteer St JohnsTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Castleknock BvsNaomh Fionnbarra CastleknockTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30St Marks vsLucan Sarsfields BSt MarksTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
00:30St Marks vsBYE St MarksTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Lucan Sarsfields BvsCastleknock BLucan SarsfieldsTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30Naomh Fionnbarra vsBallinteer St Johns BNaomh FionnbarraTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
13:30St Finians vsTrinity Gaels St FiniansTBC (Pending)Rd 7More
U14 Division 6 League
18:30Naomh Brid BvsNa Fianna CNaomh BridSt Oliver Plunketts ER (Pending)Rd 2More
19:30Naomh Jude BvsCuala BNaomh JudeBallyboden St Endas (Pending)Rd 2More
13:30Naomh Brid BvsNaomh Jude BNaomh BridTBC (Pending)More
U13 Division 1 Grading Games
13:30Clontarf vsBallyboden St Endas ClontarfTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Faughs/Celtic vsNaomh Olaf Faughs/CelticTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Kilmacud Crokes vsSt Vincents Kilmacud CrokesTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30St Finians vsBallinteer St Johns St FiniansTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Ballinteer St Johns AvsNaomh Olaf Ballinteer St JohnsTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Clontarf vsSt Vincents ClontarfTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Faughs/Celtic AvsKilmacud Crokes AFaughs/CelticTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30St Finians vsBallyboden St Endas St FiniansTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
U13 Division 2 Grading Games
13:30Castleknock AvsCuala ACastleknockTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Lucan Sarsfields AvsRaheny Lucan SarsfieldsTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Naomh Brid AvsErins Isle ANaomh BridTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Round Tower vsNaomh Mearnog Round TowersTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Cuala AvsNaomh Brid ACualaTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Erins Isle AvsLucan Sarsfields AErins IsleTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Mearnog vsCastleknock ANaomh MearnogTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Raheny vsRound Tower RahenyTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
U13 Division 3 Grading Games
19:15Erin Go Bragh vsCommercials Commercialshome/away referee (Pending)Rd 3More
13:30Commercials vsNaomh Jude CommercialsTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Fingallians vsNa Fianna AFingalliansTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30O Dwyers 1vsErin Go Bragh O DwyersTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Stars of Erin vsSkerries Harps Star of ErinTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Erin Go Bragh vsStars of Erin Erin Go BraghTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Fingallians vsNa Fianna AFingalliansTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Jude vsO Dwyers 1Naomh JudeTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Skerries Harps vsCommercials Skerries HarpsTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
U13 Division 4 Grading Games
00:00Naomh Maur vsBYE Naomh MaurTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30CBC vsBallyboden St Endas BCBCTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Good Counsel vsWhitehall Colmcille Good CounselTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Naomh Peregrine vsSt Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh Naomh PeregrineTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
00:00Whitehall Colmcille vsBYE Whitehall ColmcilleTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Ballyboden St Endas BvsGood Counsel Ballyboden St EndasTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Maur vsNaomh Peregrine Naomh MaurTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh vsCBC St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan RuadhTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
U13 Division 5 Grading Games
19:00Clontarf BvsTyrrellstown GAA Clontarfhome/away referee (Pending)Rd 4More
13:30Ballinteer St Johns BvsLucan Sarsfields BBallinteer St JohnsTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Kilmacud Crokes BvsRound Towers Lusk Kilmacud CrokesTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Naomh Padraig vsNaomh Barrog Naomh PadraigTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Tyrrellstown GAA vsClontarf BTyrrellstown GAATBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Lucan Sarsfields BvsClontarf BLucan SarsfieldsTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Barrog vsKilmacud Crokes BNaomh BarrogTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Round Towers Lusk vsBallinteer St Johns BRound Towers LuskTBC (Pending)RD 6More
13:30Tyrrellstown GAA vsNaomh Padraig Tyrrellstown GAATBC (Pending)Rd 6More
U13 Division 6 Grading Games
13:30Castleknock BvsSt Finians CastleknockTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Cuala BvsBallyboden St Endas CCualaTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Erin Go Bragh vsNaomh Mearnog Erin Go BraghTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Erins Isle BvsClann na Gael Erins IsleTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Shankill GAA vsRound Tower BShankill GAATBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Ballyboden St Endas CvsCastleknock BBallyboden St EndasTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Clann na Gael vsErin Go Bragh Clann na GaelTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Mearnog vsShankill GAA Naomh MearnogTBC (Pending)RD 6More
13:30Round Tower BvsErins Isle BRound TowersTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30St Finians vsCuala BSt FiniansTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
U13 Division 7 Grading Games
13:30Lucan Sarsfields CvsNaomh Brid BLucan SarsfieldsTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Na Gaeil Oga vsSkerries Harps TBCTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30St Vincents BvsNa Fianna CSt VincentsTBC (Pending)Rd 5More
13:30Na Fianna CvsSkerries Harps Na FiannaTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Na Gaeil Oga vsLucan Sarsfields CTBCTBC (Pending)Rd 6More
13:30Naomh Brid BvsSt Vincents BNaomh BridTBC (Pending)Rd 6More