League Table We are Dublin Senior 5 League 2014

Whitehall Colmcille97111755012515
Naomh Padraig9702126547214
Naomh Brid B9522112931912
St Vincents C850398811710
Lucan Sarsfields C95041441331110
Kilmacud Crokes B940511811808
Skerries Harps93068266166
Ballyboden St Endas C92168094-145
Na Fianna C920775147-724

We are Dublin Senior 5 League 2014
18:30Lucan Sarsfields C4-1vs1-8Ballyboden St Endas CRound 1More
18:30Na Fianna C1-5vs4-6Kilmacud Crokes BRound 1/note Carla hayes is new appointed ref...gbMore
18:30Naomh Padraig 1-3vs2-5Naomh Brid BRound 1/change of ref to F Ni Shuilleabhain...gbMore
18:30Skerries Harps 2-6vs3-5St Vincents CRound 1More
18:30Whitehall Colmcille 12-14vs0-0Kilcoole Round 1/change of ref ...new ref is D Oman...gbMore
18:30Ballyboden St Endas C1-3vs1-6Naomh Padraig Round 2/note change of ref to E Murphy...gbMore
18:30Kilcoole 1-3vs7-5Na Fianna CRound 2More
18:30Kilmacud Crokes B5-5vs3-6Lucan Sarsfields CRound 2More
18:30Skerries Harps 2-6vs2-3Naomh Brid BRound 2More
18:30St Vincents C1-2vs5-13Whitehall Colmcille Round 2More
18:45Lucan Sarsfields C13-9vs1-5Kilcoole Round 3More
18:45Na Fianna C1-2vs2-3St Vincents CRound 3More
18:45Naomh Brid B2-6vs3-3Ballyboden St Endas CRound 3More
18:45Naomh Padraig 3-8vs0-2Kilmacud Crokes BRound 3More
18:45Whitehall Colmcille 1-9vs2-4Skerries Harps Round 3More
19:00Ballyboden St Endas C3-7vs0-4Skerries Harps Round 4More
19:00Kilcoole 1-0vs5-10Naomh Padraig Round 4More
19:00Kilmacud Crokes B2-5vs4-10Naomh Brid BRound 4More
19:00St Vincents C1-4vs0-3Lucan Sarsfields CRound 4/ note change of ref to Philip CullenMore
19:00Whitehall Colmcille 4-11vs0-1Na Fianna CRound 4/note change of ref to F Mc Greevy..gbMore
19:00Ballyboden St Endas C2-3vs1-9Kilmacud Crokes BRound 5More
19:00Lucan Sarsfields C2-8vs2-7Whitehall Colmcille Round 5More
19:00Naomh Brid B-vs-Kilcoole Conceded by KilcooleMore
19:00Naomh Padraig 1-5vs0-4St Vincents CRound 5More
19:00Skerries Harps 3-7vs0-0Na Fianna CRound 5More
19:00Kilcoole -vs-Ballyboden St Endas CConceded by Ballyboden St Endas CMore
19:00Na Fianna C3-1vs4-12Lucan Sarsfields CRound 6/note change of ref to D Noble..gbMore
19:00Skerries Harps 2-13vs0-3Kilmacud Crokes BRound 6More
19:00St Vincents C5-10vs1-3Naomh Brid BRound 6/new ref is J ByrneMore
19:00Whitehall Colmcille 5-6vs1-3Naomh Padraig Round 6More
19:00Ballyboden St Endas C3-4vs1-7St Vincents CRound 7More
19:00Kilmacud Crokes B13-7vs0-4Kilcoole Round 7More
19:00Lucan Sarsfields C1-9vs1-6Skerries Harps Round 7More
19:00Naomh Padraig 7-8vs0-1Na Fianna CRound 7/ new ref is Philip Cullen...gbMore
19:00Kilcoole -vs-St Vincents CRound 9 - brought forwardMore
19:30Naomh Brid B3-2vs2-5Whitehall Colmcille Round 7 RefixtureMore
19:15Kilcoole -vs-Skerries Harps Conceded by Skerries HarpsMore
19:15Lucan Sarsfields C1-3vs4-14Naomh Padraig Round 8More
19:15Na Fianna C2-1vs2-6Naomh Brid BRound 8More
19:15St Vincents C5-9vs0-6Kilmacud Crokes BRound 8More
19:00Ballyboden St Endas C1-7vs3-8Na Fianna CRound 9More
19:00Kilmacud Crokes B-vs-Whitehall Colmcille Conceded by Kilmacud Crokes BMore
19:00Naomh Brid B8-5vs2-3Lucan Sarsfields CRound 9More
19:00Naomh Padraig -vs-Skerries Harps Conceded by Skerries HarpsMore
18:45Whitehall Colmcille 4-5vs0-3Ballyboden St Endas CRound 8More