League Table Under 16 Division 1

Naomh Brid9801153579616
St Vincents9702158748414
Ballyboden St Endas9702177987914
Lucan Sarsfields9702155847114
Na Fianna940510391128
St Johns94058586-18
Good Counsel9306120160-406
St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh900947138-910

Under 16 Division 1
14:00Naomh Brid 7-12vs0-0St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh Round 1More
14:00Ballyboden St Endas 4-6vs2-4Lucan Sarsfields Round 2More
14:00Cuala 0-3vs5-10Naomh Brid Round 2..NOTE change of refMore
14:00Faughs/Celtic 1-3vs5-9St Johns Round 2More
14:00Good Counsel 3-7vs4-8St Vincents Round 2More
14:00Na Fianna 6-8vs2-3St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh NOTE...Padraic Gilligan is refereeMore
14:00Good Counsel 3-8vs2-3Cuala Round 3/ note change of ref to brendan cooper...gbMore
14:00Lucan Sarsfields 4-8vs2-4Na Fianna Round 3More
14:00St Johns 2-4vs2-11Naomh Brid Round 3More
14:00St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh -vs-Faughs/Celtic Conceded by St Oliver Plunketts/Eoghan RuadhMore
14:00St Vincents 5-6vs1-3Ballyboden St Endas Round 3/note change of ref to Conor Dodd ..gbMore
18:30Naomh Brid 3-6vs0-5Faughs/Celtic Round 4- time TBCMore
14:00Lucan Sarsfields 5-14vs1-9Good Counsel Round 4- home team to contact new ref- Jamie winters...gbMore
14:00St Johns -vs-Na Fianna Conceded by St JohnsMore
14:00St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh 0-5vs7-8Ballyboden St Endas Round 4More
14:00St Vincents 7-6vs2-5Cuala Round 4/new ref is anton Keating ...gbMore
18:45St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh 1-8vs4-10St Vincents Round 5- new ref appointedMore
18:30Faughs/Celtic 0-4vs7-10Na Fianna Round 5More
18:30Naomh Brid 4-5vs0-3Ballyboden St Endas Round 5More
18:30St Johns 3-9vs7-1Good Counsel Round 5More
14:00Ballyboden St Endas 6-6vs3-1St Johns Round 6More
14:00Cuala 7-15vs1-3Faughs/Celtic Round 6/note change of ref to Gerry mc Gough ..gbMore
14:00Good Counsel 3-4vs2-2St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh Round 6More
14:00Na Fianna 0-5vs1-3Naomh Brid note...new appointed ref is D Burnett...gbMore
14:00St Vincents 1-8vs4-4Lucan Sarsfields Round 6More
18:30Ballyboden St Endas 3-11vs2-1Good Counsel Round 1- new ref appointed is P Beecher ..gbMore
18:30Cuala 1-5vs2-6St Johns Round 1More
18:30Faughs/Celtic 1-3vs8-12Lucan Sarsfields Round 1...note Pat Denieffe is appointed ref...gbMore
18:30Na Fianna 0-2vs4-9St Vincents Round 1More
19:30Ballyboden St Endas 7-10vs4-3Faughs/Celtic Round 7More
19:30Cuala 1-6vs1-5Na Fianna Round 7More
19:30St Vincents -vs-St Johns Conceded by St JohnsMore
19:30St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh 3-5vs3-6Cuala Round 8//note change of ref to L Kelly ...gbMore
19:30Faughs/Celtic 6-4vs3-5Good Counsel Round 8/note change of ref to sinead o toole...gbMore
19:30Na Fianna 0-6vs3-5Ballyboden St Endas Round 8/note new ref is Thomas GleesonMore
19:30Naomh Brid 1-8vs0-7St Vincents Round 8More
19:30St Johns 2-5vs1-6Lucan Sarsfields Round 8/note change of ref to P Dowd..gbMore
14:00Good Counsel 2-2vs3-6Na Fianna Round 9More
14:00St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh -vs-St Johns Conceded by St Oliver Plunketts/Eoghan RuadhMore
14:00Lucan Sarsfields 4-10vs1-3Cuala Round 5More
14:00St Vincents 3-20vs0-1Faughs/Celtic Round 9More
19:30Lucan Sarsfields 0-13vs2-4Naomh Brid Round 9/ note new date...contact ref to inform him of change..gbMore
19:00Ballyboden St Endas 8-8vs1-4Cuala More
14:00Lucan Sarsfields -vs-St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh Conceded by St Oliver Plunketts/Eoghan RuadhMore
19:15Good Counsel 3-2vs2-13Naomh Brid More