League Table Senior 2 League

Naomh Brid64119067239
Good Counsel64028753348
Ballinteer St Johns63219568278
Na Fianna B63127778-17
Skerries Harps6222595276
Naomh Jude62045275-234
Thomas Davis60062693-670

Senior 2 League
20:30Good Counsel 3-3vs2-9Na Fianna Bnew ref appointed. NOTE new date and timeMore
11:00Naomh Brid 2-6vs2-6Skerries Harps Note ..change of Referee..gb..contact tony at 0878842509More
14:00Thomas Davis 0-4vs5-10Ballinteer St Johns NB New time of matchMore
19:00Na Fianna B-vs-BYE Round 5More
18:45Ballinteer St Johns 3-0vs1-13Naomh Brid Round 2More
18:45Na Fianna B2-13vs1-3Thomas Davis Round 2More
18:45Naomh Jude 0-5vs0-6Good Counsel new ref appointedMore
18:45Skerries Harps 0-0vs0-0BYE Round 2More
18:45Good Counsel -vs-BYE Not PlayedMore
18:45Naomh Brid 2-11vs0-4Na Fianna BRound 3More
18:45Skerries Harps 1-6vs0-9Ballinteer St Johns Round 3More
18:45Thomas Davis 1-3vs2-6Naomh Jude Round 3More
18:45Ballinteer St Johns -vs-BYE Round 4More
18:45Good Counsel 2-9vs1-1Thomas Davis Round 4More
18:45Na Fianna B2-4vs0-8Skerries Harps Round 4More
18:45Naomh Jude 4-0vs3-11Naomh Brid note..new ref ..gbMore
19:00Good Counsel 4-6vs0-4Skerries Harps Round 5More
19:00Naomh Jude 1-3vs2-6Ballinteer St Johns Round 5More
19:00Thomas Davis 1-3vs2-13Naomh Brid Round 5More
19:00Ballinteer St Johns 2-13vs2-6Good Counsel Round 6More
19:00Na Fianna B0-8vs2-8Naomh Jude Round 6More
19:00Naomh Brid -vs-BYE Round 6More
19:00Skerries Harps 1-0vs0-0Thomas Davis Round 6More
19:00Ballinteer St Johns 3-12vs5-6Na Fianna BRound 7More
19:00Naomh Brid 0-6vs6-6Good Counsel Round 7More
19:00Skerries Harps 4-11vs0-3Naomh Jude Round 7More
19:00Thomas Davis -vs-BYE Round 7More