League Table Under 15C Championship

Naomh Peregrine440013438968
Naomh Brid4121108115-74
Lucan Sarsfields 241126585-203
Whitehall Colmcille41126591-263
Erin Go Bragh410367110-432

Under 15C Championship
11:00Erin Go Bragh 6-3vs16-11Naomh Brid mentor to contact new ref f.gaffney...gbMore
11:00Lucan Sarsfields 2-vs-BYE Round 1More
11:00Whitehall Colmcille 0-4vs5-17Naomh Peregrine note..change of ref to kevin elliottMore
11:00Erin Go Bragh 4-2vs7-2Lucan Sarsfields 2Round 2More
11:00Naomh Brid 7-3vs6-6Whitehall Colmcille New ref TBAMore
11:00Naomh Peregrine -vs-BYE Round 2More
10:30Lucan Sarsfields 22-6vs7-8Naomh Peregrine More
10:30Whitehall Colmcille 2-4vs5-5Erin Go Bragh Round 3More
11:00Naomh Brid -vs-BYE Round 3More
11:00Naomh Brid 3-6vs4-3Lucan Sarsfields 2Round 4More
11:00Naomh Peregrine 1-15vs3-3Erin Go Bragh Round 4More
11:00Whitehall Colmcille -vs-BYE Round 4More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-BYE Round 5More
11:00Lucan Sarsfields 24-3vs8-3Whitehall Colmcille Round 5More
11:00Naomh Peregrine 11-22vs3-1Naomh Brid Round 5More