League Table basketballscotland 16M D3

Ayr Storm1110166641225421
Sony Centre Fury B1110161539621921
Fraserburgh Storm119260144315820
St Mirren B11745995356418
Grampian Flyers B117464649315318
North Lanarkshire Chiefs11655355023317
Stirling Knights B1156524633-10916
Perth Phoenix B1147299508-20915
City Of Edinburgh Kings B1138478521-4313
Tayside Musketeers B1129394543-14913
Boroughmuir Blaze U141128429524-9511
Dunfermline Reign B11010223499-2767

After one round of games league split into three groups of 4. For mini tables refer to section specific competitions from the dropdown menu

basketballscotland 16M D3
10:00Ayr Storm 54vs48Sony Centre Fury BMore
10:00Dunfermline Reign B36vs63Fraserburgh Storm More
11:45Grampian Flyers B57vs30North Lanarkshire Chiefs More
11:45Perth Phoenix B42vs58St Mirren BMore
13:30City Of Edinburgh Kings B58vs37Boroughmuir Blaze U14More
13:30Stirling Knights B47vs54Tayside Musketeers BMore
15:15Boroughmuir Blaze U1447vs52Stirling Knights BMore
15:15Fraserburgh Storm 39vs45Ayr Storm More
10:00Dunfermline Reign B27vs58St Mirren BMore
10:00Sony Centre Fury B52vs33City Of Edinburgh Kings BMore
11:45North Lanarkshire Chiefs 53vs39Dunfermline Reign BMore
11:45St Mirren B70vs52Grampian Flyers BMore
13:30Ayr Storm 67vs23North Lanarkshire Chiefs More
15:15Ayr Storm 76vs38Stirling Knights BMore
10:00North Lanarkshire Chiefs 37vs41Sony Centre Fury BCourt 1More
10:00Tayside Musketeers BvsDunfermline Reign BConceded by Dunfermline Reign BMore
11:45Fraserburgh Storm 55vs27City Of Edinburgh Kings BCourt 1More
11:45Grampian Flyers B51vs43Tayside Musketeers BCourt 2More
13:30Boroughmuir Blaze U1434vs58Grampian Flyers BCourt 1More
13:30Stirling Knights B56vs26Perth Phoenix BCourt 2More
15:15City Of Edinburgh Kings B35vs37Stirling Knights BCourt 2More
15:15Perth Phoenix B26vs68Boroughmuir Blaze U14Court 1More
00:00City Of Edinburgh Kings BvsPerth Phoenix BConceded by City Of Edinburgh Kings BMore
10:00Fraserburgh Storm 42vs22North Lanarkshire Chiefs More
10:00Perth Phoenix B20vs43Grampian Flyers BMore
11:45Ayr Storm 67vs38Tayside Musketeers BMore
11:45Sony Centre Fury B48vs47St Mirren BMore
13:30Dunfermline Reign BvsBoroughmuir Blaze U14VoidMore
13:30Perth Phoenix B29vs60Fraserburgh Storm More
15:15Boroughmuir Blaze U14vsAyr Storm Conceded by Boroughmuir Blaze CMore
15:15Tayside Musketeers B20vs56Sony Centre Fury BMore
10:00North Lanarkshire Chiefs 67vs46City Of Edinburgh Kings BMore
10:00Stirling Knights B66vs49Dunfermline Reign BMore
11:45Grampian Flyers B79vs30Stirling Knights BMore
11:45St Mirren B42vs45Fraserburgh Storm More
13:30Fraserburgh Storm 57vs43Tayside Musketeers BMore
13:30North Lanarkshire Chiefs 54vs59St Mirren BMore
15:15Ayr Storm 80vs58City Of Edinburgh Kings BMore
15:15Sony Centre Fury B88vs42Boroughmuir Blaze U14More
11:20Tayside Musketeers B42vs45Perth Phoenix BMore
10:00Stirling Knights B48vs66Sony Centre Fury BMore
10:00Tayside Musketeers B33vs66North Lanarkshire Chiefs More
11:45Boroughmuir Blaze U1445vs74Fraserburgh Storm More
11:45Perth Phoenix B60vs59Ayr Storm More
13:30City Of Edinburgh Kings B51vs52Grampian Flyers BMore
13:30Dunfermline Reign BvsPerth Phoenix BConceded by Dunfermline Reign BMore
15:15Ayr Storm 74vs65Grampian Flyers BMore
15:15St Mirren B66vs41City Of Edinburgh Kings BMore
10:00North Lanarkshire Chiefs 74vs47Boroughmuir Blaze U14More
10:00St Mirren B55vs46Tayside Musketeers BMore
11:45City Of Edinburgh Kings B81vs34Dunfermline Reign BMore
11:45Sony Centre Fury B73vs21Perth Phoenix BMore
13:30Grampian Flyers B87vs25Dunfermline Reign BMore
13:30St Mirren B54vs69Stirling Knights BMore
15:15Dunfermline Reign B13vs91Ayr Storm More
15:15Grampian Flyers B60vs71Sony Centre Fury BMore
16:45St Mirren B30vs53Ayr Storm More
10:00Boroughmuir Blaze U1458vs60St Mirren BMore
10:00Stirling Knights B41vs60North Lanarkshire Chiefs More
11:45Sony Centre Fury BvsDunfermline Reign BConceded by Dunfermline Reign BMore
11:45Tayside Musketeers B34vs51Boroughmuir Blaze U14More
13:30Fraserburgh Storm 87vs40Stirling Knights BMore
13:30North Lanarkshire Chiefs 49vs30Perth Phoenix BMore
15:15Sony Centre Fury B72vs34Fraserburgh Storm More
15:15Tayside Musketeers B41vs48City Of Edinburgh Kings BMore
15:00Fraserburgh Storm 45vs42Grampian Flyers BMore
13:30City Of Edinburgh Kings BvsDunfermline Reign Conceded by Dunfermline ReignMore
13:30Tayside Musketeers BvsBoroughmuir Blaze U14Conceded by Boroughmuir Blaze CMore