Ivan Gormally Memorial Masters Tournament

Dear all,

Thank you for your support of the first ever masters tournament in the VAI calendar, the Ivan Gormally Memorial Masters Tournament.  We hope that you enjoyed the day and that the bodies weren't too sore on Monday morning

Well done to all the teams who took part and congratulations to the winners, Wine & Beer.  A big thanks must also go to Aer Lingus Volleyball Club and its members for their assistance at the venue

Report below. Photos can be viewed on Facebook here

If you took any photographs on the day, we would be grateful if you could send them on

We plan to make this a regular annual fixture (possibly bi-annual) in the calendar so please keep an eye out for future correspondence regarding the next tournament

Ivan Gormally Memorial Masters Tournament 2015
The inaugural Ivan Gormally Memorial Masters Tournament was held in ALSAA on Sun 22nd November.

With lots of over 35’s not in action for years making a comeback it was truly a day to remember.

It was a fitting tribute to Ivan whom was a great servant of volleyball over many a year putting his heart and soul into Dundrum, VAI Competitions, Coaching Squads in good cheer.
It was great to see the return of so many people from the volleyball past on the day
And of course lots of new comers who enhanced the tournament without doubt one would have to say. The standard of volleyball was great considering some had not touched a ball for 10 years or more.

With Dave Dooley and others showing they could still get that ball by diving to the floor
The reading of the game and the cover was fantastic and the rallies were exceptional throughout
It was like a time warp “Back to the Volleyball Future” with great competition that day no doubt.

Jenny & Jeff put together a very strong side from home & away called Wine & Beer 
While winning the “Big Trophy” was on their minds from the very start it was very clear
And with supreme setting from Kieran Moran making it easy to look good for Jeff & Mark
While the girls Jenny, Tara & Niamh were playing great stuff as if it was a lark in the park
We had the one and only Joey Cardiff leading the ECC girls with military precision
Giving them clear instructions “Go for It Girls we can Do It” and making every decision
With Tracy, Pamela, Susan, Patricia, Margaret, Janice, Siobhan & Gwen doing what Joey told
The team rose to great heights with some fantastic teamwork (as before) as the day did unfold
But was this the ECC from home & abroad playing in the Tournie ready for the “Great Comeback”

Or was it just the booze up and the meal afterwards that was foremost in their mind track
We had Cathy D’Arcy from the old Dundrum team with a few special guest players of renown
With the skilled Trevor Coffey & Joe O’Keeffe, Pamela Behan and Liz Barry coming to town
Plus with the help of new comers Maria Jimenez & Darek Kania they were a formidable side
As they qualified from their pool to go into the last 6 with lots of great play and pride
While Celine Creighton from Naas rounded up a team called “Last Legs” players from the past
With big Joe Kelly and Paddy Creighton in training for weeks & ready and willing to give it a blast. 

And with coach’s Maria & Celine in charge and getting the very best from their super team
Plus the young guest players Cormac Byrne, Declan Ryan & Karolina Molnar living the dream
Next we had the very competitive Newbridge side with the bold Miley & Martin leading the charge. 

Or was it Eamon who scored 5 points in a row at the net playing all positions who was the “Sarge”. With Gerard Conway, Stephanie Bolton, Collette King, Lynn McCarthy & Brendan Doran in the side. There were sure of super, spirited performances as the Lily Whites & guests played with great pride. But Martin was not happy and had a few complaints about different refereeing decisions that day. Which were quickly ruled out of order by the organising committee one would have to say. 

We also had MGL from Mongolia who played some great volleyball throughout with all their will. With players Ankhbayay, Anarzaya, Umba, Urna, Otto & Nara showing their great skill
And with their cheerful smile making many new friends throughout the morning & afternoon.
It was a pleasure to have them in ALSAA and hopefully we will see them soon.

Also Team FIPICA were new comers and they enjoyed the volleyball day all round
With Olaf, David, Sean, Dariusz, Ewllina & guest player Angela Woods some great play abound.

Aer Lingus high Flyers were led by the famous Dave Dooley, that great “Diver of Renown”
And with girls Caroline Maloney, Cecily Walsh, Helen Cotter & Maria Maddy looking for that crown Plus the one and only Des Currivan and Vincent Fahey coming from Cork, this was a serious team.

And with one of the all-time greats Joe Hyland they were looking to fulfil their big dream
To beat that shower “Wine & Beer” and Dundrum just like they did many times in the past
But alas the minds were willing but the bodies were not as they went out with a blast
Last but not least we had Aer Lingus Doods who again looked strong and fancied their chances to win.

With young bucks Stephane Roland, Akos Dunai, Paul Nolan, Peter Perzynski as sharp as a pin
And with of Geraldine, Sandra Jordan & Tina Burke the experienced Tallaght female brigade of old.

This was a seriously formidable team with their eyes on the “Big Cup” or so we were told
As the day unfolded yes there were some memorable battles that will be recalled for many a day.

It was a truly a fantastic day of volleyball, fun, laughter and re-unions on would have to say
But it was Aer Lingus Doods and Wine & Beer that reached the final in the end
As Wine & Beer won 2-0 they proved their strength & depth and did not waver or bend
And with Alan on site representing his family on this Inaugural Masters Tournament day in full cheer.

Afterwards the “Big Boss” Denise Tallon made a fitting tribute to Ivan & presented the Big Cup to Wine & Beer

It was truly a great Tournament and many thanks to the Aer Lingus Volleyball Club for being host.

And the organising committee of Jen, Denise, Gerry, Grainne, Kevin & Orla for doing their most.

We can all look forward to the Ivan Gormally Memorial Masters Tournament again next year
Which will be on a Saturday instead to allow for more celebrations, re-unions and good cheer. 

Photos can be viewed on Facebook here


Yours in Sport

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