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Below you will find information for volleyball refereeing in Ireland. 

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Important information: 

FIVB Referee Rules of the Game Casebook

Survey - as part of referee registration all referees must complete survey

Assessments and Registration

Referees registered in Ireland

To renew registration:

Garda Vetting;

Code of Ethics Course;

Referee registration fee.

To be assessed to a higher Refereeing grade:

Current valid registration with VAI, including up to date Garda vetting and COE;

Minimum of 15 matches at your current grade (8 as 1st referee + 7 as 2nd referee);

Minimum of 1 year at your current grade.

Once the above is in place, please email the Referee’s Commission ( and CC Clodagh NicCanna ( to request an assessment.

Please note that you have to keep track of the games you are officiating for assessment purposes.

It is the referee’s responsibility (not the Referees Commission or Competitions Commission) to provide the dates you have refereed to go through the assessment process efficiently.

Foreign registration licenses to be validated in Ireland

  1. Copy of certificate stating the course level completed;
  2. Official letter from the Volleyball Confederation of the Country the Referee is registered;
  3. Garda Vetting to be completed in Ireland;
  4. Code of Ethics Course to be completed in Ireland;
  5. Assessment to be completed as arranged by the Referee’s Commission.

    The Referees Commission will arrange for the assessments to be done as soon as possible, depending on a suitable level of game and an Assessor being available.

    Grading of referees acceptable for each division

1st Mandatory
2nd Recommended
G1 or above
G2 or above
First Division
G2 or above
G3 or above
Second Division
G3 or above
G3 or above


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