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Would you support a major breakthrough in Irish sport and become a Patron of Volleyball Development?

A recent survey shows that over 100,000 children play volleyball at post-primary school level but only a small fraction of these play in organised competitions.

OUR VISION to have a MAJOR INCREASE in PARTICIPATION at all levels in our sport is already starting to come true. This season we have a record number of schools registered with us

Over 400 schools are currently affiliated to the Volleyball Association Of Ireland. Our adapted volleyball game (SpikeBall) is being received enthusiastically by Primary school teachers and has increased our numbers by more than 300% in the last 3 years. However we still have only 2 full time development officers to cater for this explosion of interest. Some extra funding could help us to take on some part time officers in crucial areas and help produce promotional materials to raise the profile of the game. If the demand from these schools can be met, the potential advantages to both schools and clubs will be enormous.

We are inviting you to play a part in this plan to bring Volleyball, a major world sport, to a place of prominence and importance on the Irish Sports Scene.

For less than a cup of tea and a sandwich a week you can become a PATRON OF VOLLEYBALL DEVELOPMENT

  • For as little as 12euro per month paid by Standing Order you can become a patron!
  • Patrons are guests of honour at all the major matches during the season and are honoured annually at a special dinner.
  • Schools, clubs and individuals can become agents for the scheme and earn substantial bonuses!
  • Patrons are kept informed of "old timers" reunions, be it a golf outing, over 40's volleyball day, or a night at the dogs, giving a great opportunity to meet up with old rivals.

For more information about the scheme contact the VAI office at 01 6707165 or by email at

Tel: 01-6707165 Fax: 01-6707167 Address: 141 Thomas St, Dublin 8