The VAI - Documents

 The VAI 
  Volleyball Calendar 2017-18 FINAL.pdf

Competition Rules 

 Playing Rule Changes 2013-14

 Referees Guidelines

 Strategy 2018

 VAI History

 VAI Memorandum _ Articles of Association (2016 EGM 

 VAI Bye-Laws

 VAI Code of Ethics for Children in Sport

 VAI Board Agenda

 VAI Supporting Drug Free Sport

 Schedule of Fees

 Annual Development Report

 VAI Certificate of Incorporation

Post Primary
  Post Primary Schools Affiliation & Team Entry Form
 Senior, Cadette & Junior Team List form

 Senior Cup Team Entry Form
  Primary Schools Affiliation & Team Entry Form 
  Club Affiliation National League Team Entry 2017-18new.pdf
  Associate Club Affiliation Form
  Association Cup Team Entry
  VAI Championships Team Entry
  Junior Club Affiliation Form
 Mixed Recreational Tournament
  Players Registration Form 2016/17 (For League and all Competitions)
  Non-League Player Registration Form 2016-17
 Player Transfer Form 2016/17

 Masters Tournament Registration Form 

 Coaches Registration Form 2017 (Registration is for Calendar Year)


  Beach Player Registration Form

 Referees Registration 2017

 Referees Course Form

 Referees Exam 2016

 Referees Guidelines


 Clubs Public Liability Insurance Application Form

 Players - Summary of Personal Accident Cover
  Clubs - Summary of Public Liability Cover


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