Association Cup 2017/18 Fixtures

The Association Cup draw took place on the evening of Wednesday, 1st November 2017, in the Alexander Hotel, Dublin 2. It was an open draw and we attach the Association Cup draw 2017_18 and Association Cup Fixtures 17_18  for your attention.

Please note the following:

  • 2 teams, based on league placing in 2016/17 were seeded in each draw
  • Where a club had more than one team these teams were seeded not to meet in their first match
  • Teams were drawn home and away – see format below.


To enter, all teams and players must be fully affiliated to Volleyball Ireland and carry the appropriate registration card.

At this stage you should have submitted a team list with your entry for the Association Cup. If not, team lists must be notified in writing, using the relevant page of the entry form, to the office no later than 5 working days before the first match (see Competitions Rule 9.2).

There are three ways of adding players to a team list and we would ask you to please circulate this information to the relevant coaches, team reps and anyone in your club who needs to be aware of this process.

1. There is a section on the right hand side of the Player League Entry form where you can tick the box to add them to your Association Cup list. Please ensure that you state the correct team on the form, particularly in the case of clubs with multiple teams entering the Cup, so that the VAI office knows which list to add the player to.

2. If #1 has not been done, the player can be added to the list in writing by the club secretary. This email should be sent to the office with clear instructions.

3. Entering a player for the Association Cup only by completing the Non-League Player form available on the website and indicating the Association Cup team on the form.

Additional players may be added to the team list no later than 3 working days before the next round of matches, and no later than the semi-final stage (for both Cup and Shield) per Rule 9.3. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for team lists being incorrect and players may be excluded from playing in cup matches if they have not been included on a team list.

Clubs/teams are responsible for ensuring that their team lists are up to date. The office maintains these lists, so if you are in any doubt, please contact the office.



The notification protocol is the same as for league fixtures and the same sanctions apply. A reminder of this protocol:

The scoresheets must be submitted by the winning teams by the 4th working day following the match, and the results notified within 24 hours to the Volleyball Ireland office (by phone or email). Failure to return the scoresheet on time will result in a fine being levied (Section of the Competition Rules).



Home/away teams were assigned by drawing of lots. The team listed first in the draw is home team and is responsible for booking the venue for the cup fixture.

However where a team from Dublin/Kildare has been drawn home to play a team from outside this region, home advantage will be conceded to the non-Dublin/Kildare team for their first match in the competition where they play Dublin/Kildare opposition.



The womens competition contains 14 teams and is run as a knockout format, and reflects our commitment that all teams play at least two matches. The teams finishing highest in the Premier League last season were seeded in this season’s competition.



The mens competition contains 11 teams and is also run as a knockout format, guaranteeing teams at least two matches. The teams finishing highest in the Premier League last season were seeded in this season’s competition.


Please note that all matches must be played on the official dates set out in the VAI calendar and listed in the fixtures. If this is not possible then an official fixture change request must be made to the Competitions Commission. This request must be made by the designated home team via the club secretary with a copy to the opposition club secretary.

Designated home teams should arrange Round 1 matches with the opposition and confirm the fixture details to the Volleyball Ireland office ( and the Competitions Commission ( by close of business on 24th November.

We would encourage clubs and club secretaries to look through to draw to see where your teams may be drawn at home in future rounds of the Cup or Shield in order make hall bookings and agree the fixture details with your opposition as early as possible.

The deadline dates for confirmation/submission of the fixtures are as follows:

Fixture Confirmation
Fixture Weekend

Not used
2/3 December
Round 1
24 November 2016
6/7 January 2018
Round 2
12 January 2016
17/18 February 2018
Shield QF
23 February 2017
10/11 March 2018
Shld SF
16 March 2017
7/8 April 2018
Cup SF
Neutral venue TBA
7/8 April 2018
Shld F, Cup F
Neutral venue TBA
28 April 2018


  • There are no fixtures scheduled for the weekend reserved for the Association Cup on 2/3 December (round 1 matches may be played then by agreement)
  • Shield semi-finals will be hosted but the designated home teams.
  • Cup semi-finals will be hosted in a neutral venue we are looking for hosts – see below
  • Cup and Shield finals will be hosted together at a neutral venue.



Premier League refereeing fees of €55 apply to all matches, and are split 50/50 (i.e. €27.50 each) between the teams, except where the venue is fixed by Volleyball Ireland (i.e. at a neutral/central venue). The designated home team is responsible for providing referees and scorekeepers. Referees must be appropriately qualified and registered with the VAI.


Normal Volleyball Ireland Competition Rules apply and all teams should familiarise themselves with the rules relating to the Association Cup/Shield. These are available on the website.

CUP SEMI-FINALS - 7/8 April 2018

Following on from the Commissions Workshop in May, we have committed again to open up the hosting of the Cup SFs to give an opportunity to all clubs to host as a way of generating publicity and/or raising funds. We are also working with the Development Officer to promote this event to schools and other volleyball organisations who may be willing to host.

So if any club would like to host the Association Cup semi-finals due to take place on 7/8 April 2018, please contact the Competitions Commission as soon as possible. Please note that four Cup matches would be run on this date. Alternatively we may consider smaller venues and run the mens semi-finals on the Saturday and the womens semi-finals on the Sunday. We will be in touch again under separate cover on this. We will be putting together a pack to assist clubs in hosting official Volleyball Ireland events.

Please note: Shield semi-finals are played as home and away fixtures and the Shield and Cup finals will be held at a venue arranged by Volleyball Ireland.

Thank you for your continued support of this competition and we wish all teams the very best of luck.

Yours in sport,

Jennifer Fitzgerald


Competitions Commission

Tel: 01-6707165 Fax: 01-6707167 Address: 141 Thomas St, Dublin 8