General Manager, Volleyball Ireland
Reporting to:
Volleyball Ireland President
Volleyball Ireland Office
1st Floor,
141 Thomas Street,
Dublin 8
The General Manager will lead the organisation through the next strategic cycle,  manage day to day operations and staffing resources, delivering an effective and efficient of a range of services and programmes for the benefit of our members and the sport overall.
3 year full time contract
Salary scale:
€45,000 to €55,000 p.a. plus expenses
(commensurating with experience)
Closing date:
  12pm 27th October 2017


Volleyball Ireland is seeking applications for the new role of General Manager to oversee the implementation of a new strategic plan which sets out the values, vision and actions required to grow the base of volleyball in Ireland and promote the huge strength that volleyball is fun for everyone. It is built on current achievements and initiatives and will require an integrated approach to the delivery of activities managed by committed people. The main priorities are driven four desired outcomes;

More Participation–more people will be attracted to participate in volleyball and will stay involved, encouraged by those already participating and by increased opportunities through an appropriately connected participation pathway.

More Clubs- existing clubs will grow, new clubs will emerge and there will have be stronger club structure for all. This will require new and exciting initiatives that empower members to take ownership of the development of their clubs.

More Coaches and Referees – we will have better supportive coaching and referee structures by encouraging, developing and recognising the people who are at the frontline, creating more opportunities for volunteers and players to get involved.

More Fundingin order to enable the strategy an increase in funding is required. We will be convincing about how Volleyball is a very marketable attractive fun sport for all and will implement funding strategies to reflect this and secure additional sources.

The General Manager is a new role arising out of the new strategic direction and a recent governance review. The General Manager will be supported by a team of;

  • Development Coordinators X 2
  • Development officer X 1
  • Administrator x 1

All staff and consultants will report ultimately to the General Manager.

Please note as the Strategy is not yet approved and published a draft version will be made available to shortlisted interview candidates only.




Ensure the development and delivery of the overall strategic direction of the organisation and sport.

To comply with the policies and requests of the Board

  • Devise the annual Operational Plan and programmes, which prioritise activities within available resources in line with the Strategic Plan

Monitor, review and report to the Board on the performance of the organisation with measurable key performance indicators

Ensure the organisation is kept informed of significant challenges, opportunities, developments and trends which may impact it

Lobby on behalf of the sport to ensure its success and sustainability.



Ensure that the organisation operates within agreed financial and legal parameters and regulation in accordance with the Governance Review Recommendations and standard practices

Ensure all business affairs of the organisation are conducted to the highest standard

Ensure implementation of policies, processes and procedures which comply with legislation and are benchmarked with best practice to enable good governance.

Ensure risk management/assessments are conducted across the wider organisation.

Deliver education / awareness campaigns to ensure all relevant people are up-to-date on the evolving rules, regulations, practices and safeguards and that they are adhered to



  • Undertake the secretarial duties of the Board and provide expert guidance and leadership
  • The General Manager and his/her designees will be responsible for all relevant presentations to the Board and ensuring all information is available that is required/requested by the Board.
  • To ensure that appropriate staffing, resourcing and professional advice where necessary and manage those resources from recruitment, development, to programmes and HR matters
  • To represent the organisation at various national and international forums, events and meetings as required.
  • Managing staffing resources, work programmes and performance of staff, agreeing clear objectives and measuring results to achieve the goals.
  • To ensure as strong volunteer base, attracting and promoting the retention of volunteers in the sport, engage with them and provide adequate training programmes,

To ensure that Volleyball Ireland Committees, sub committees and working groups are serviced appropriately

Ensure the management and maintenance of the infrastructure and assets of the organisation (office, equipment, facilities, IT systems and support services).

Provide leadership in relation to the Health and Safety, legislative requirements and ensure adherence to all policies and procedures.

Develop and maintain relationships with a wide range of partners, individuals and organizations to further the aims of Volleyball Ireland.



Grow the participation rates to ensure the longevity of the sport and to create robust baseline measures

Ensure the necessary infrastructure, systems and integrated development pathways are in place to enable participants to perform to the best of their ability in local, schools, regional, national, international competitions and volleyball centres/academies.

Ensure there is consistent quality of service delivery across all forms of Volleyball.

Oversee the planning and profiling of the key Volleyball events in the calendar to ensure their success

Make sure systems pathways are in place for the development of high performance athletes and teams at junior and senior levels as advised by the Board.

Ensure clear and consistent communication processes and platforms are in place to inform and promote the sport, optimise the brand, identity and reputation of the sport to a wider audience


Prepare and present to the Board, financial reports and strategies which will enable the sustained success of the sport

Optimise both the short and long term financial performance and viability of the organisation: 

Oversee the completion and submission of appropriate grant and funding sources to include Sport Ireland

In conjunction with the Board, set all budgets, and ensure controls and delegation of authority are established throughout the organisation in line with financial regulation and good governance.

In addition to the above undertake and assist on other projects or duties as and when required by the demands of the organisation and Board.


Nationally recognized degree or similar level qualification in sports or management-related discipline or evidence of practical experience that demonstrates understanding of the knowledge and the skills provided by such qualification essential.

Further qualifications in sport or business related fields desirable

Knowledge & Experience (Essential & Desirable)

At least two years managerial level experience essential

Experience within sports and leisure organizations/sector essential

An interest in sport is essential

Experience in the development, coaching or instruction of sport is desirable (can be a volunteer level)

Awareness of current standards, issues and trends in Volleyball is desirable

Skills & Competencies

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (both written and verbal English) and a pleasant friendly manner. Effective and persuasive communicator.

Reporting, budgeting and IT literacy skills

Management skills and the ability to delegate and work as part of a team

Self-motivated, ability to be innovative, with a strong ‘can do attitude’

Excellent organizational and administration skills essential

Work flexibly as a leader and motivator. Ability to work on his/her own initiative but also to work as an active, efficient and helpful team player, and delegate tasks as required.

Accuracy in their work, ensuring details are completed

Ability to motivate others and delegate tasks.

Capacity to assume additional responsibilities as and when necessary.


Application Information

In order to assist the selection process, candidates should submit a Curriculum Vitae and a Cover Letter (1x A4 page) that specifically address the following points in their application.

Candidates must have at least two years of experience in management within the sports and leisure industry. Applicants should clearly address this experience and how they obtained their knowledge in their application.

An understanding of the development, coaching or instruction of sport is essential. The applicant should give examples of involvement in development of sport and the business acumen and what the applicant learned from the process and how this can be applied to Volleyball Ireland.

Illustrate, through past example, their ability to work on their own initiative and resolve problems.

Applications should be made in writing or email by 27th October 2017 marked “Strictly Private and Confidential” to:

The President,

1st Floor,

141 Thomas Street,

Dublin 8


Candidates may be short-listed on the basis of the information supplied in their application.

Volleyball Ireland is an equal opportunities employer.

Tel: 01-6707165 Fax: 01-6707167 Address: 141 Thomas St, Dublin 8