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League Table NSCRO Challenge-South 2016-17

1Trinity College5500197321654000024000
2U of New Haven5401142311114000020000
3Wesleyan University5203100117-173000011000
4Amherst College520362155-93100009000
5Williams College511387125-38200008000
6Connecticut College501443171-128100003000

NSCRO Challenge-South 2016-17
13:00Connecticut College 12vs12Williams College More
13:00Trinity College 17vs12U of New Haven More
13:00Wesleyan University 15vs17Amherst College More
13:00Amherst College 3vs45Trinity College More
13:00U of New Haven 28vs0Connecticut College More
13:00Wesleyan University 35vs17Williams College More
13:00Amherst College 28vs0Connecticut College More
13:00Trinity College 35vs0Wesleyan University More
13:00Williams College 14vs17U of New Haven More
13:00Amherst College 0vs61U of New Haven More
13:00Trinity College 47vs10Williams College More
13:00Wesleyan University 50vs24Connecticut College More
13:00Connecticut College 7vs53Trinity College More
13:00U of New Haven 24vs0Wesleyan University More
13:00Williams College 34vs14Amherst College More

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