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2015-2016 Dues
Dues for the 2015-16 season are paid to NERFU as part of the CIPP registration fee paid when a player, coach or referee registers with USA Rugby.

Club dues are no longer collected by NERFU, however clubs must register and pay a club fee to USA Rugby in order to be a club in good standing within USA Rugby and NERFU.

USA Rugby Club Compliance Report

The following clubs are currently not in compliance for the 2015-16 season:
Castle State Men
Johnson State Men
University of New England Men
  These clubs will have their membership with USA Rugby remian pending until they have a current coach with a Level 200 certification. Additionally, the New England Rugby Referee Society may not assign referees to these clubs until they have registered. These clubs should reach out to their division director to find out what steps can be taken to rectify this situation.

Coaching Certification and Select-Side Player Reimbursement Program

NERFU members participating in select-side/all-star camps and matches or attending a USA Rugby Coaching Course to achieve their certification are eligible to receive a partial reimbursement payment.

In order to be considered for this program, members must fill out this form on-line AFTER the course, camp or match has occurred. Players and coaches are eligible to receive ONE payment per year. There is a $100 limit per player on select-side reimbursement.

NERFU Budgets
Please contact the NERFU Treasurer if you have specific questions about the budget.

Current Fiscal Year:
2016 NERFU Budget

Budget Archive:
2014-15 Monthly Updates
2013-2014 NERFU Actual
2013 Draft NERFU Budget
2011 NERFU Balance Sheet

2011 NERFU Budget v Actuals
2010 NERFU Budget

Questions about anything on this page can be directed to NERFU Treasurer Shannon Garrison

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