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NERFU Menโ€™s All-Star Selections Made

Malden, MA - November 12, 2017. Over 100 college ruggers from around the New England area descended on Mystic... read more
Coaching Clinic in Hartford, CT - Nov 12

University of Hartford Rugby Football Club will host a USA Rugby Level 200/ World Rugby Level 1 Coaching Clinic... read more
Teams Announced for the NSCRO Women's 7s All-Star...

West Chester, PA  23 October 2017 - Eight conferences have accepted the challenge of creating Women&rsquo... read more
Coaches Chosen to lead NERFU Selects

NERFU (New England Rugby Football Union) has restarted their college select-sides this year and plan on submitting... read more
Level 1 Officiating Course at Babson College

Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organization will host a USA Rugby  Level 1 Officiating Course on October 15. ... read more

2017-10-21Mens Club D4
Bennington3 vs 77Rutland@Bennington
Boston Ironsides63 vs 22Cape Cod@Moakley Park
Upper Valley28 vs 0Berkshire @Upper Valley
2017-10-14Mens Club D4
Black River 52 vs 21Berkshire @Black River
Cape Cod3 vs 73Upper Valley@Cape Cod
Rutland42 vs 17Boston Ironsides@Rutland
2017-10-07Mens Club D4
Bennington17 vs 53Berkshire @Bennington
Cape Cod5 vs 15Rutland@Cape Cod
Upper Valley34 vs 17Black River @Upper Valley
2017-09-30Mens Club D4
Cape Cod17 vs 49Bennington@Cape Cod
Rutland10 vs 17Black River @Rutland
Upper Valley57 vs 0Boston Ironsides@Upper Valley
2017-09-23Mens Club D4
Bennington12 vs 69Upper Valley@Bennington
Berkshire 28 vs 0Cape Cod@Berkshire
Boston Ironsides55 vs 7Black River @Moakley Park
2017-09-16Mens Club D4
Berkshire 12 vs 59Boston Ironsides@Berkshire
Black River 26 vs 10Bennington@Black River
Rutland3 vs 57Upper Valley@Rutland
2017-09-09Mens Club D4
Berkshire 28 vs 0Rutland@Berkshire
Black River 28 vs 0Cape Cod@Black River
Boston Ironsides5 vs 42Bennington@Moakley Park
2017-10-21NSCRO Champion-North
Colby College 31 vs 38U of Maine- Farmington@Colby College
Maine Maritime 34 vs 31Bates College@Maine Maritime
2017-10-14NSCRO Champion-North
Bowdoin College 15 vs 34U of Maine- Farmington@Bowdoin College
U of Maine- Orono46 vs 33Maine Maritime @University of Maine- Orono
2017-10-07NSCRO Champion-North
Bates College25 vs 15U of Maine- Orono@Bates College
Bowdoin College 15 vs 50Colby College @Bowdoin College
2017-09-30NSCRO Champion-North
Bowdoin College 27 vs 26Bates College@Bowdoin College
U of Maine- Farmington63 vs 25Maine Maritime @University of Maine- Farmington
U of Maine- Orono17 vs 24Colby College @University of Maine- Orono
2017-09-23NSCRO Champion-North
Bates College19 vs 32U of Maine- Farmington@Bates College
Colby College 59 vs 10Maine Maritime @Colby College
U of Maine- Orono14 vs 40Bowdoin College @University of Maine- Orono
2017-09-16NSCRO Champion-North
Colby College 56 vs 12Bates College@Colby College
Maine Maritime 20 vs 51Bowdoin College @Maine Maritime
U of Maine- Farmington36 vs 0U of Maine- Orono@University of Maine- Farmington
2017-09-23NSCRO Champion-South
Salem State27 vs 10Babson College @Salem State
2017-09-16NSCRO Champion-South
Babson College 3 vs 10Trinity College @Babson College
Eastern Connecticut SU21 vs 55Holy Cross@Eastern Connecticut State University
Keene State14 vs 29Salem State@Keene State College

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