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Indoor Boys+Girls High School Training, December

Boston Rugby Club is excited to offer high level rugby for high school rugby players this off-season (both boys... read more
NERFU Annual General Meeting to be held Feb 16, 2019...

Save the date Saturday, February 16, 2019. NERFU's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be hosted again at the... read more
Major League Rugby comes to New England

Major League Rugby recently announced that Boston, along with Atlanta, GA, would join the professional rugby league... read more
USA Rugby will host an Education Weekend in Hingham...

October 12th-14th the USA Rugby Training & Education department will be hosting an Education Weekend in Hingham... read more
Youth Rugby Development

DARYL JACKSON of USA Rugby is the new Youth Rugby Development Officer for New England. His role is to increase... read more

2018-10-27NSCRO Champion-North
Bowdoin College26 vs 12Maine Maritime@Bowdoin College
U of Maine- Farmington57 vs 7Colby College@University of Maine- Farmington
U of Maine- Orono19 vs 12Bates College@University of Maine- Orono
2018-10-20NSCRO Champion-North
Colby College54 vs 31U of Maine- Orono@Colby College
U of Maine- Farmington67 vs 17Bowdoin College@University of Maine- Farmington
U of New Hampshire60 vs 10Maine Maritime@UNH
2018-10-13NSCRO Champion-North
Bowdoin College17 vs 27U of Maine- Orono@Bowdoin College
Maine Maritime0 vs 87U of Maine- Farmington@Maine Maritime
U of New Hampshire24 vs 31Bates College@UNH
2018-10-06NSCRO Champion-North
Bates College7 vs 42Colby College@Bates College
Bowdoin College20 vs 0U of New Hampshire@Bowdoin College
Maine Maritime24 vs 44U of Maine- Orono@Maine Maritime
2018-09-29NSCRO Champion-North
Maine Maritime0 vs 55Colby College@Maine Maritime
U of Maine- Farmington63 vs 0Bates College@University of Maine- Farmington
U of Maine- Orono22 vs 10U of New Hampshire@University of Maine- Orono
2018-09-22NSCRO Champion-North
Bates College19 vs 12Bowdoin College@Bates College
Colby College83 vs 26U of New Hampshire@Colby College
U of Maine- Orono7 vs 41U of Maine- Farmington@University of Maine- Orono
2018-09-15NSCRO Champion-North
Bates College52 vs 24Maine Maritime@Bates College
Colby College53 vs 13Bowdoin College@Colby College
U of New Hampshire12 vs 56U of Maine- Farmington@UNH
2018-10-27NSCRO Champion-South
Salem State33 vs 58Keene State@Salem State
2018-10-20NSCRO Champion-South
Holy Cross33 vs 33Eastern Connecticut SU@Holy Cross
Keene State55 vs 17UMass- Amherst@Keene State College
U of New Haven38 vs 34Salem State@University of New Haven
2018-10-13NSCRO Champion-South
Bryant University27 vs 10UMass- Amherst@Bryant University
Eastern Connecticut SU60 vs 7Salem State@Eastern Connecticut State University
Keene State38 vs 7U of New Haven@Keene State College
2018-10-06NSCRO Champion-South
Eastern Connecticut SU35 vs 3Bryant University@Eastern Connecticut State University
Holy Cross49 vs 19U of New Haven@Holy Cross
UMass- Amherst27 vs 31Salem State@UMASS-Amherst
2018-09-29NSCRO Champion-South
Keene State35 vs 75Holy Cross@Keene State College
Salem State24 vs 28Bryant University@Salem State
U of New Haven26 vs 20UMass- Amherst@University of New Haven
2018-09-22NSCRO Champion-South
Bryant University32 vs 16U of New Haven@Bryant University
Eastern Connecticut SU68 vs 0Keene State@Eastern Connecticut State University
UMass- Amherst37 vs 22Holy Cross@UMASS-Amherst
2018-09-15NSCRO Champion-South
Bryant University25 vs 27Keene State@Bryant University
Salem State vs Holy Cross@Salem State
U of New Haven19 vs 47Eastern Connecticut SU@University of New Haven

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