League Table Girls X8 Yellow 1 League

1Avoca 3642014
2Pembroke Wanderers 4642014
3Monkstown 3641113
4Muckross 363039
5Dublin North 262046
6Portrane 261235
7Loreto 361235
8Genesis 360151

All match cards should be sent by email to youthadmin@leinsterhockey.ie

Girls X8 Yellow 1 League
12:30Loreto 31vs1Avoca 3More
12:45Pembroke Wanderers 46vs6Monkstown 3More
18:00Dublin North 22vs3Portrane 2More
18:00Muckross 36vs1Genesis 3More
13:30Pembroke Wanderers 41vs1Loreto 3More
18:00Avoca 33vs3Portrane 2More
18:00Genesis 32vs3Dublin North 2More
18:00Monkstown 35vs0Muckross 3More
18:00Dublin North 20vs5Avoca 3More
18:00Loreto 32vs3Monkstown 3More
18:00Muckross 33vs6Pembroke Wanderers 4More
18:00Portrane 21vs1Genesis 3More
09:30Loreto 30vs2Muckross 3More
14:45Pembroke Wanderers 43vs0Portrane 2More
18:00Avoca 33vs0Genesis 3More
18:00Monkstown 31vs0Dublin North 2More
18:00Dublin North 22vs5Pembroke Wanderers 4More
18:00Genesis 30vs4Loreto 3More
18:00Muckross 31vs5Avoca 3More
18:00Portrane 20vs2Monkstown 3More
13:00Pembroke Wanderers 45vs0Genesis 3More
18:00Loreto 30vs1Dublin North 2More
18:00Monkstown 32vs7Avoca 3More
18:00Muckross 32vs1Portrane 2More
12:00Dublin North 2vsMuckross 3More
18:00Avoca 3vsPembroke Wanderers 4More
18:00Genesis 3vsMonkstown 3More
18:00Portrane 2vsLoreto 3More