League Table Mens Division 4

Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI1651011741325
Enniscorthy HC 1st XI1659221101124
Corinthians 3rd XI1641022317622
Wicklow 1st XI164931915421
Three Rock Rovers 4th XI164842219320
Suttonians 1st XI154741627-1119
Naas 1st XI163851518-317
Weston 2nd XI163851823-517
Railway Union 4th XI15096321-188

Note 1 - Fixtures may be subject to amendment by Mens Committee

Note 2 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 3 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

091017 Railway Union 1 point deduction per LM Cttee

Skerries HC withdrawn from competition 09.11.17

221117 Game between Weston & Enniscorthy awarded to Enniscorthy due Registration infringement per LM Cttee

( Updated: 26th July 17)

Mens Division 4
00:00Enniscorthy HC 1st XIvsWeston 2nd XIMore
10:30Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI0vs0Suttonians 1st XIMore
12:00Weston 2nd XI0vs0Three Rock Rovers 4th XIReversed due IprosMore
13:00Naas 1st XI0vs0Railway Union 4th XIMore
14:30Corinthians 3rd XI0vs0Enniscorthy HC 1st XIMore
12:00Wicklow 1st XI0vs0Pembroke Wanderers 4th XIMore
14:00Weston 2nd XI0vs0Naas 1st XIMore
15:00Enniscorthy HC 1st XI0vs0Three Rock Rovers 4th XIMore
16:30Suttonians 1st XI0vs0Corinthians 3rd XIMore
12:30Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI0vs0Corinthians 3rd XIMore
14:00Naas 1st XI0vs0Enniscorthy HC 1st XIMore
15:00Three Rock Rovers 4th XI0vs0Suttonians 1st XIMore
12:45Weston 2nd XI0vs0Wicklow 1st XIMore
16:20Railway Union 4th XI0vs0Pembroke Wanderers 4th XIMore
16:30Suttonians 1st XI0vs0Naas 1st XIMore
17:00Corinthians 3rd XI0vs0Three Rock Rovers 4th XIMore
14:45Corinthians 3rd XI0vs0Pembroke Wanderers 4th XIMore
20:00Railway Union 4th XI0vs0Weston 2nd XIMore
12:30Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI0vs0Three Rock Rovers 4th XIMore
13:00Naas 1st XI0vs0Corinthians 3rd XIMore
14:00Wicklow 1st XI0vs0Enniscorthy HC 1st XIMore
11:00Three Rock Rovers 4th XI0vs0Naas 1st XIMore
11:30Weston 2nd XI0vs0Pembroke Wanderers 4th XIMore
13:30Enniscorthy HC 1st XI0vs0Railway Union 4th XIMore
14:30Suttonians 1st XI0vs0Wicklow 1st XIMore
11:00Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI0vs0Naas 1st XIMore
11:00Weston 2nd XI0vs0Enniscorthy HC 1st XIGame awarded to EnniscorthyMore
12:00Wicklow 1st XI0vs0Corinthians 3rd XIMore
16:30Railway Union 4th XI0vs0Suttonians 1st XIMore
12:30Enniscorthy HC 1st XI0vs0Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI061217 Game awarded to Enniscorthy per LMMore
14:30Suttonians 1st XI0vs0Weston 2nd XIMore
14:45Corinthians 3rd XI0vs0Railway Union 4th XIMore
11:00Wicklow 1st XI2vs3Naas 1st XIMore
13:00Enniscorthy HC 1st XI9vs1Suttonians 1st XIMore
14:40Railway Union 4th XI0vs5Three Rock Rovers 4th XIMore
15:15Weston 2nd XI3vs5Corinthians 3rd XIMore
16:00Suttonians 1st XI2vs1Pembroke Wanderers 4th XIMore
16:20Railway Union 4th XI1vs2Naas 1st XIMore
13:00Three Rock Rovers 4th XI4vs1Weston 2nd XIMore
13:30Enniscorthy HC 1st XI1vs1Corinthians 3rd XIMore
11:00Naas 1st XI3vs3Weston 2nd XIMore
11:00Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI2vs2Wicklow 1st XIMore
13:00Corinthians 3rd XI4vs6Suttonians 1st XIMore
13:00Three Rock Rovers 4th XI3vs3Enniscorthy HC 1st XIMore
11:00Railway Union 4th XI0vs0Wicklow 1st XIMore
11:00Naas 1st XI1vs2Suttonians 1st XIMore
12:30Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI5vs0Railway Union 4th XIMore
14:00Wicklow 1st XI2vs3Weston 2nd XIMore
15:30Three Rock Rovers 4th XI0vs2Corinthians 3rd XIMore
15:00Enniscorthy HC 1st XI3vs1Naas 1st XIMore
15:00Three Rock Rovers 4th XI0vs0Wicklow 1st XIMore
12:30Corinthians 3rd XI3vs0Naas 1st XIMore
16:30Suttonians 1st XI0vs4Three Rock Rovers 4th XIMore
13:30Enniscorthy HC 1st XI0vs1Wicklow 1st XIMore
11:00Railway Union 4th XI0vs1Enniscorthy HC 1st XIMore
14:00Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI2vs0Weston 2nd XIMore
14:00Wicklow 1st XI2vs4Suttonians 1st XIMore
12:00Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI1vs0Enniscorthy HC 1st XIMore
12:00Wicklow 1st XI5vs1Three Rock Rovers 4th XIMore
15:15Weston 2nd XI4vs0Suttonians 1st XIMore
16:20Railway Union 4th XI2vs2Corinthians 3rd XIMore
13:00Three Rock Rovers 4th XI0vs4Pembroke Wanderers 4th XIMore
11:00Three Rock Rovers 4th XI5vs0Railway Union 4th XIMore
13:15Corinthians 3rd XI5vs2Weston 2nd XIMore
14:30Naas 1st XI1vs2Wicklow 1st XIMore
16:00Suttonians 1st XI1vs2Enniscorthy HC 1st XIMore
20:30Naas 1st XI4vs0Three Rock Rovers 4th XIMore
11:00Naas 1st XI0vs2Pembroke Wanderers 4th XIRefix per LMMore
13:00Suttonians 1st XIvsRailway Union 4th XIRefix per LMMore
15:00Corinthians 3rd XI1vs3Wicklow 1st XIRefix per LMMore
15:30Enniscorthy HC 1st XI2vs1Weston 2nd XIMore
20:00Weston 2nd XI1vs0Railway Union 4th XIMore
12:00Wicklow 1st XI0vs0Railway Union 4th XIMore
Naas 1st XIvsRailway Union 4th XIMore