League Table AHL Division 7

Whitehall Colmcille119021941088618
St Sylvesters118122141456917
St Judes118122091505917
Erins Isle118122031525117
St Oliver Plunketts ER115151801611911
Thomas Davis11506151153-210
Skerries Harps10406185168178
Clanna Gael-Fontenoy11218999455
Wild Geese1111991197-1063

AHL Division 7
15:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy -vs-Setanta Conceded by Clan Na Gael FontenoyMore
15:00Parnells 2-15vs2-7Skerries Harps Round 1More
15:00St Oliver Plunketts ER 3-15vs5-10St Judes Round 1More
15:00St Sylvesters 6-14vs2-7Crumlin Round 1More
15:00Thomas Davis 2-7vs2-8Erins Isle Round 1More
15:00Wild Geese 0-7vs2-11Whitehall Colmcille Round 1More
18:45Erins Isle 7-8vs2-18Parnells Round 2More
15:00Crumlin 0-3vs5-14Thomas Davis Round 2More
15:00Setanta 2-17vs4-5St Oliver Plunketts ER Round 2More
15:00Skerries Harps 2-10vs0-9Wild Geese Round 2More
15:00St Judes 2-9vs2-7St Sylvesters Round 2More
15:00Whitehall Colmcille 0-16vs0-12Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Round 2More
19:15Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 3-16vs4-5Skerries Harps Round 3More
19:15Erins Isle -vs-Crumlin Conceded by CrumlinMore
19:15Parnells 1-13vs0-9Wild Geese Round 3More
19:15St Oliver Plunketts ER 3-6vs1-10Whitehall Colmcille Round 3More
19:15St Sylvesters 3-16vs2-3Setanta Round 3More
19:15Thomas Davis 1-18vs1-11St Judes Round 3More
15:00Crumlin 1-4vs5-16Parnells Round 4More
15:00Setanta 1-10vs0-8Thomas Davis Round 4More
15:00Skerries Harps 1-8vs4-4St Oliver Plunketts ER Round 4More
15:00St Judes 3-9vs1-15Erins Isle Round 4More
15:00Whitehall Colmcille 1-12vs3-5St Sylvesters Round 4More
18:15Wild Geese -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Conceded by Clan Na Gael FontenoyMore
19:30Crumlin 1-5vs7-15St Judes Round 5More
19:30Erins Isle 4-20vs1-7Setanta Round 5More
19:30Parnells 4-9vs2-15Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Conceded by Clan Na Gael FontenoyMore
19:30St Oliver Plunketts ER 4-16vs1-4Wild Geese Round 5More
19:30St Sylvesters 4-16vs4-11Skerries Harps Round 5More
19:30Thomas Davis 0-7vs4-14Whitehall Colmcille Round 5More
10:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy -vs-St Oliver Plunketts ER Conceded by Clan Na Gael FontenoyMore
10:30Skerries Harps 3-14vs1-6Thomas Davis Round 6More
10:30St Judes 3-9vs1-10Parnells Round 6More
10:30Whitehall Colmcille 2-10vs1-4Erins Isle Round 6More
10:30Wild Geese 1-9vs2-12St Sylvesters Round 6More
19:45Crumlin 1-5vs3-19Whitehall Colmcille Round 7More
19:45Erins Isle 3-14vs2-7Skerries Harps Round 7More
19:45Parnells 2-9vs1-10St Oliver Plunketts ER Round 7More
19:45St Judes 7-12vs2-14Setanta Round 7More
19:45St Sylvesters 2-8vs1-8Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Conceded by Clan Na Gael FontenoyMore
19:45Thomas Davis 2-13vs0-8Wild Geese Round 7More
10:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy -vs-Thomas Davis Conceded by Clan Na Gael FontenoyMore
10:30Setanta 1-11vs3-11Parnells Round 8More
10:30Skerries Harps 7-16vs0-3Crumlin Round 8More
10:30St Oliver Plunketts ER 2-8vs2-8St Sylvesters Round 8More
10:30Whitehall Colmcille 2-6vs0-7St Judes Round 8More
10:30Wild Geese 0-4vs3-15Erins Isle Round 8More
19:45Crumlin 4-10vs2-9Wild Geese Round 9More
19:45Erins Isle 2-13vs1-14Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Points to Erins IsleMore
19:45Parnells 0-8vs1-13St Sylvesters Round 9More
19:45Setanta 1-4vs0-15Whitehall Colmcille Round 9More
19:45St Judes 2-13vs3-5Skerries Harps Round 9More
19:45Thomas Davis 3-11vs3-10St Oliver Plunketts ER Round 9More
15:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 1-10vs0-7Crumlin Points to CrumlinMore
15:00Setanta 6-8vs0-11Crumlin Round 6More
15:00St Oliver Plunketts ER 0-13vs3-14Erins Isle Round 10More
15:00St Sylvesters 1-13vs1-8Thomas Davis Round 10More
15:00Whitehall Colmcille 3-12vs0-6Parnells Round 10More
15:00Wild Geese 1-4vs3-15St Judes Round 10More
15:00Skerries Harps -vs-Setanta Round 10More
18:00Setanta 1-10vs0-13Wild Geese Round 11More
18:30Thomas Davis 1-11vs2-11Parnells Round 11More
10:15Crumlin 1-7vs3-12St Oliver Plunketts ER Round 11More
10:15Erins Isle 3-5vs5-9St Sylvesters Round 11More
10:30St Judes -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Conceded by Clan Na Gael FontenoyMore
10:30Whitehall Colmcille 1-12vs3-9Skerries Harps Round 11More
14:30Erins Isle 1-10vs3-7St Sylvesters 2nd PlaceMore
14:30Whitehall Colmcille 0-7vs0-10St Sylvesters FinalMore

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